10 Killer Tips to Improve User Experience in Website

looking-at-website-qualityWebsite has become an important and powerful tool for businesses in rapidly changing marketing landscape. It is a powerful asset for businesses and act as salesman to showcase marketing efforts to potential customers day and night.

But, rapidly changing technology makes website outdated and incompatible. It is a challenge face by businesses in maintaining website according to evolution in industry. Though, redesign of website is an ideal solution to this problem but it is highly expensive. If you don’t have money and wish to maintain website, here are 10 simple tips that would be useful in maintaining users experience in website. (more…)

Facebook Testing Virtual Assistant M Similar To Siri and Cortana

facebook-personal-assistant-1Facebook is testing a virtual assistant M similar to Apple Siri, Google now, and Microsoft’s Cortana. It has been announced by David Marcus Facebook’s VP of messaging products its official page. It is being tested on 100 Facebook messenger app users in Bay Area and it will be rolled out for all messenger users around the globe. The new virtual assistant use artificial intelligence and will be assisted by real people to complete request of users fast. But, Google, Apple and Microsoft are using only technology in providing the service to users automatically.   (more…)

9 Killers Ways to Generate Sales Leads Online

salesThere is no fixed way to generates sales leads online. Businesses adopt numerous strategies and use platforms to reach target audience in the market. Some of the businesses simply rely on Facebook ads while others go for targeted ads. But, communication styles and other promotional methods changes in accordance to niches or industry. Hence, lead generation strategy should reflect every aspect of your business.

Fortunately, there are numerous methods for generating sales leads online. Here are 9 killer ways to generates sales leads online that you would like to add in your strategy. (more…)

Moz Releases Ranking Factors of Website in Search Result

image231Every two years, Moz interview search experts to study their views and find correlations in order to understand on the working of search algorithm for ranking websites. Moz has released search ranking factors of 2015 after extensive study with other partners. This year, Moz has interviewed over 150 search marketing experts to know their opinions on over 90 ranking factors of google search engine. Experts’ opinions have been correlated by data scientists of the company to find out the top factors that tends to delivers high end ranking to websites in search result. To study the influence of ranking by the features of websites and WebPages, Moz has partnered with SimilarWeb, DomainTools, and Ahrefs to get the insights. This is why the study is getting more preference from SEO world. (more…)

Revealed: Mobile Friendly Websites Rank Higher in Google Search Result

Googles-Mobile-Friendly-UpdateThere are still numerous brands and companies not having mobile-friendly sites. If you still don’t have but you would definitely gets mobile friendly website after reading the research regarding this. According to a recent study from Moovweb, mobile friendly feature of website is playing a great role in increasing visibility and ranking in search result of Google. In addition to it, mobile friendly website delivers high end using experience to visitors in website. (more…)

Google is rolling out panda 4.2 update slowly

imagesWebmasters have been expecting to get Google panda update for months. Panda is an important update of Google to fight back the spammy or poor quality contents from being ranked in higher search result. Authority website with quality contents gets more importance than spammy ones in search result. Update is also useful for penalized website for low quality to return back in search result again. This is why Panda holds lots of importance for the webmasters in SEO industry. (more…)