Why Google is Ending Authorship in Search Result?

imagesGoogle is putting an end to authorship after three years of starting the program. It has announced yesterday that it will no more show authorship result in search result and neither track data from the content using re=author markup. It is a great effort to provide user related search results from the expert authors. Well, in this blog we will see the rise of authorship and cessation reasons of authorship.

A brief Description of Authorship

The root of Google Authorship project started with Google Rank Patent 2007 when Bill Slawski thought of connecting to a system to multiple contents with a digital signature of one or more authors. This sort of identification can be given score based on authority signal and trust which can influence in ranking. Agent rank remained theoretical until Google adopted and announced in June 2011 that it will support authorship markup. Then, it started encouraging webmaster to markup their content with “rel=”author” and rel=”me” tags” to connect content with author profile. Later, Google unveiled Google+ which serves as a universal identity platform and used in connecting content with authors. (more…)

5 Free Google Analytic Alternative Tools

google-analyticsPeople are using Google Analytic in tracking their visitors in website. Though, it is free but contains lot of imperfection and fails to provide real-time stats to marketer. Learning the basic functionalities of Google analytic requires more time, leave advanced version. The time spend by visitor in website can’t be determined with GA unless it has moved to next page. Google already know many things about you and do you want to provide your website stats? Small companies lack budget to take help of paid analytic tools which helps to get good insight about the customer’s behavior in website. Are you looking for free alternative for Google analytic? So, I’m giving you 5 free tools which are good alternative to Google analytic with advanced features.

1. ClickTale – The free version of ClickTale offers many monitoring features to user. It enables users to keep track of 400 pages in one domain. It record and watch the visitor path in the website. Visitor’s action is recorded to show which links were clicked most often. Data consisting of heat maps collected over a period of time is given to the users. Nothing has to be installed in your server and just put a java script in the page willing to monitor. (more…)

10 Social Media Managing Tools without You Can’t Do

social-mediaSocial media has become an important medium of communication with customers by companies. Besides creating a strong brand image, social media has the potential of generating huge revenues for the company. But, marketer needs to optimize their campaign to get maximum lead generation. Marketer should know about the users’ behavior before starting the campaign. Hence, it is essential for companies to monitor their social media campaign. Tracking is important to find out successes or failures of campaign and change strategy accordingly. Thus, I’m giving you 10 important tools to manage social media excellently.

1. Visually’s Google Analytics Report – Google analytics provide lots of information about the website performance during the past week for free. But, the data received by the marketer is often long and complicated to understand. So, marketer can use an app for creating attractive infographics to understand clearly and without much effort. It helps companies to change their strategies accordingly in social media after getting the detail report.   (more…)