Search Brings 10X More Traffic Than Social Media

search - CopySearch brings 10x more traffic to shopping sites than social media, according to Similar Web’s Global Search Marketing report 2016. Finding is credible as it is based on billions of site visits to a global sample of website but accounted only for desktop traffic.

Report also contain several metrics on paid search. In the search, traffic has been broken down from a broader range of sources. From traffic of paid search to display advertising in numerous shopping related sites. Study has found out that paid search generate more than traffic than display ads with an exception in general merchandise category. (more…)

5 Best Twitter Apps for Efficient Management

twitterTwitter is just behind Facebook in term of daily users. The popular social platform has become an ideal place to get latest news and trends. Efficient management of account isn’t possible with using good apps. If you are facing problems in handling Twitter account, it is an ideal place to find your required app. Here are 7 best Twitter apps useful to get good using experience and effective to create engagement with your Twitter account.

  1. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is one of the most popular Twitter apps with over 10 million users. It is useful to sell, manage, create, and social engagement with right audience in Twitter. App is available for both desktop and mobile users. Supports photos and videos to grow and engage audiences on Twitter. No matter for what you use Twitter, app makes it easier and simple to handle. It is available in both free and paid with some limitation in first. (more…)

Is Search Traffic Growing on Desktop?

future-search-boxAccording to a recent report of Millward Brown’s Compete states that search traffic is growing in desktop contradicting data of earlier research of comScore. Report is based in clickstream data and it contradicts report of comScore data which shown a decline in desktop search volumes. In contrast to this report, Compete says search traffic is up 12 percent since last year in the desktop.

Apart from that report says search visits per person has increased almost 50% from last year. It means users are visiting the search engines more frequently than last year. In addition to it, total time spent on search engines have grown by 25% from last year amounting to 111 billion minutes monthly. (more…)

Google Releases Google Analytic 360 Suite for Search Marketers

google-analytics-360Google is rolling out Google Analytic 360 suite for search marketers. It is an update aimed at simplifying laborious works of large businesses syndicating and unifying marketing and advertising data in different channels. Integration of both AdWords and DoubleClick in the suite is being useful for search marketers. You will get a brand-new as well rebranded solution has been included in Google’s analytic 360 suite for enterprise.

Several new features have been added and old features rebranded in this suite.

Let us find out the new features:

Data Management Platform: Google audience 360 is a data management platform of Google that calls DoubleClick audience center. As of now, a DMP has been missing from Google’s advertising technology. (more…)

Google is Killing Toolbar PageRank from Its Browser

google-pagerankGoogle has confirmed killing PageRank from its browser. The secret sauce of Google that enabled it become giant in search world will no longer visible to public. The numeric rating system of Google that displays the importance of a page won’t be available for public view.

Announcement isn’t at all surprising as Google is giving PageRank a slow death. Google first used PageRank in research papers, press releases and technology pages to display itself as a smart search engine than others. Now it has decided to remove from public view, though, it will be kept as ranking factor itself. Let us look at the reasons of this decision. (more…)

Top Reasons to Combine PPC and Inbound Marketing Strategies

inbound_marketingSome marketers think pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and inbound marketing are opposite to each other. But, PPC is exactly a subsidiary of inbound marketing.

Though, PPC is slightly different but it’s a subset of inbound marketing using matching keywords to target audience who are already looking for them.

Thus, PPC is a useful part of inbound marketing. This is because PPC can be utilized in your inbound marketing to create strategies for leads. Nurturing lead to valuable customers starts with inbound marketing and PPC is an ideal strategy of that journey. (more…)