FlatUI – Everything you should know about Flat User Interface



I need to get our website redesigned. But I have a question – What is the latest trend in website design?  We want the latest but we need something creative, something cleaner, but appealing. You know what I mean? Can you help us on this? 

It was how the conversation started. A customer calls up from Bangalore this morning and comes up with a this series of questions.

The latest trend in website design is – FlatUI. It focuses more on user-experience, faster page load time, and of course – conversions - I replied.

It sounds great. Perhaps its exactly what we want. And he continues…

Finally, we hang up discussing the further steps.

This is where I got the idea for this blog post.

FlatUI designs are becoming very much popular these days since the time Windows 8 Start Menu styles started luring the designers all over the world. But ironically, it is still not that popular in India. May be there is less awareness here.

Let’s now understand what it is… ? (more…)

8 most effective ways to build quality inbound links

There have been many updates and changes in search engine algorithms in the recent years. It all has completely redefined the ways search engines work and rank websites in their results. Several new things have come in online organic promotion methods, and several have gone obsolete. But, there’s one thing that holds the same significance even today, and will always be. It is ‘inbound link’.

Inbound Marketing © Hero Images/Corbis

No doubt, link building is an important way to increase traffic to a website. But at the same time, if it is not guided intelligently, it can cause more harm than benefits. This is the reason this process is considered typically difficult.

Let us explore some of the most genuinely effective ways of attracting inbound backlinks to your website- (more…)

How to rank higher in Google? Secrets Revealed


Let’s come straight to the point – how to rank your website higher in Google using 100% ethical techniques and no spam? Here you go.

It all starts with your website

Be brave and admit that it all starts with your website. Stop looking for ways to generate links, links, and links all the time. Cut at least 50% of your link-building time and invest it in your website – making it better and friendlier to the visitors and Google. But the question is – how to make a website SEO-Friendly and ready for search engine optimization in 2014? (more…)