How to rank higher in Google? Secrets Revealed


Let’s come straight to the point – how to rank your website higher in Google using 100% ethical techniques and no spam? Here you go.

It all starts with your website

Be brave and admit that it all starts with your website. Stop looking for ways to generate links, links, and links all the time. Cut at least 50% of your link-building time and invest it in your website – making it better and friendlier to the visitors and Google. But the question is – how to make a website SEO-Friendly and ready for search engine optimization in 2014? Continue reading

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What are Internal Links and why are they so important?

This post is actually an answer to a question asked by someone on Linkedin Community. While answering it, I noticed that the answer became a little detailed so I thought of making it a blog post for our readers.

Here is the question

Internal linking of websites is Important for SEO “BUT” Why do we need internal links when all links are provided on website menu bar?

For those who are new in SEO, let me first highlight the definition of ‘Internal Links’ Continue reading

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5 simple reasons why your visitors may hate your website!


With Google Hummingbird into the fray, the year 2014 is going to be more about On-page User-Experience that your website offers to its visitors. Technically, it is going to be about lesser bounce rates and higher engagements. In simple words, the key is that if your visitors are pleased with the experience they get on your website, you are ready to please Google as well. You can expect more exposure and better visibility this year if you succeed in optimizing your website for visitors first.

But the question is – How to make a website user-friendly and how to optimize it for visitors first?   Continue reading

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