5 SEO Mistakes in Link Building and Content Cost Traffic

SEO-MistakesSEO is a complex field with numerous things to do, remembers, and even creates strategies according to changing guidelines. Numerous mistakes crop up in strategies taking toll on traffic and revenues in businesses. Here are 5 mistakes making by SEOs in regard to links and contents that is affecting traffic. (more…)

7 Factors Essential for Making Viral Contents

writing-fresh-contentEvery business wants products to be seen and known by large audience in web. It is not easy to create content that is liked and shared by many people in social media platform. However, adding essential variables in content helps to market content nicely. Human behavior and psychology are predictable and can be leveraged in content for achieving marketing goal. Adding all basic variables in contents create chances to go viral.

Let us look at 7 essential factors that can make contents to go viral in the web: (more…)

Google May Add Structured Markup and Data to Rank in Future

algorithm-ss-1920-800x420Google and search engines are using structured data, structured markup and rich snippets in understanding contents of websites. It is helpful in delivering rich snippet search result in Google increasing the click-through rate from organic search result.

Though, Google has denied using these data in ranking algorithm and makes web page ranks better. It further said that adding structured markup in pages won’t directly leads to better result in Google search result. But, this stance of Google may change in the future ranking factors. (more…)

Google AdWords Introduces Structured Snippets

googleGoogle has recently released a new ad extension for AdWords – structured snippets. This is similar to an ad extension released by Google in the month of March – dynamic structured snippet. It automatically pulls ads based on the categories in website. But, the new format is offering more flexibility as it can be controlled completely by advertisers. This is a non-clickable extension enabling you to add contexts in the ad copy similar to callout extensions.

In the text, there is a header and a list of appropriate values applying on it. The main purpose of this extension is to offer more insights about products and services in the ad. This is a good opportunity for advertisers to improve CTR and drives more valuable traffic useful in increasing conversion rate in ads, if used properly. This is another ad extension that would contribute to your Quality Score and hence it is essential to add in accounts. (more…)

10 Killer Tips to Improve User Experience in Website

looking-at-website-qualityWebsite has become an important and powerful tool for businesses in rapidly changing marketing landscape. It is a powerful asset for businesses and act as salesman to showcase marketing efforts to potential customers day and night.

But, rapidly changing technology makes website outdated and incompatible. It is a challenge face by businesses in maintaining website according to evolution in industry. Though, redesign of website is an ideal solution to this problem but it is highly expensive. If you don’t have money and wish to maintain website, here are 10 simple tips that would be useful in maintaining users experience in website. (more…)

Facebook Testing Virtual Assistant M Similar To Siri and Cortana

facebook-personal-assistant-1Facebook is testing a virtual assistant M similar to Apple Siri, Google now, and Microsoft’s Cortana. It has been announced by David Marcus Facebook’s VP of messaging products its official page. It is being tested on 100 Facebook messenger app users in Bay Area and it will be rolled out for all messenger users around the globe. The new virtual assistant use artificial intelligence and will be assisted by real people to complete request of users fast. But, Google, Apple and Microsoft are using only technology in providing the service to users automatically.   (more…)