Bing Ads Delivers Campaign Performance Data In An Hour

bingBing Ads has recently started providing campaign performance data within a hour. Earlier, it used to take at least four hours to get the essential information about clicks and impression. But, now it is providing the data within or less than a hour. It means that the data is arriving to you 10 times faster than earlier enabling users to optimize campaign rapidly. Advertisers armed with faster turnaround would allow better campaign management and find out hot bidded terms or clicks. (more…)

Google Adds Mobile Friendly Factors And App Indexing For Ranking in Search Algorithm

google-blueg-algorithm-seo-ss-1920-800x450Google announced that it will make two significant changes in search algorithm for ranking the mobile search result. It will be using the mobile friendly factors in showing the mobile based search result from April 21, 2015. But, it has started ranking mobile apps participating in App indexing signed in users higher in search result from yesterday.

Google in the previous announcement stated it is labeling the websites that are mobile friendly to encourage mobile users visit that site. But, with this announcement this mobile friendly factors will play an essential role in ranking a website higher in mobile search result. With this change in algorithm mobile search result will be impacted in all languages worldwide. (more…)

Google Created A Page To Show AdWords Updates In One Place

google-adwordsGoogle has created a web page to show latest updates of AdWords in one place to the advertisers. It will definitely help advertisers to stay updated about different releases and remain at top of their games. Earlier, some of the updates were found in Google+ and others are found in official blog of Google. It was too difficult to remain informed about different modification and new releases of AdWords regarding advertising. Now, all the updates can be found in that page in a chronological order according to month by the advertisers. (more…)