Facebook Rolled Out Call-To-Action Button For Business Page

facebook-call-to-action-buttonsFacebook has launched call-to-action buttons for business page to woo companies. This new tool will help companies to talk to their consumers directly and increase their conversion rate immensely. It is being considered as an important decision of Facebook to attract business advertises in the networking site. The buttons are important for companies to direct the customers to mailing list, shop or inches toward the conversion of e-commerce website.

The company has launched the CTC buttons on 10th of 2014 for targeting potential customers in organic result with providing improved insights. (more…)

Bing Revealed Ranking Factors Of A Content

bing-logo-500x367Michael Basilyan- the senior program manager of Bing Content Quality Team revealed the detail of Bing’s algorithms ranking factors for the quality content on its official blog. He further wrote that apart from quality of content, topic relevance and context is also used to determine the ranking of content.

Quality content should have three primary factors as authority, utility and presentation to rank higher according to Bing algorithm.

Authority of Content
Bing defines authority by determining the trust of content.  Before trusting content or providing authority, Bing inspects content to found out link building of page and observes at the establishment of web site and web page. Social network signal are looked to find out author citation, recognition, and authority. It is helpful to determine the content is written by professionals before ranking in search result.


Google Introduced “NO CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA” To Fight Spam

recaptchaGoogle has introduced reCAPTCHA to fight spam and abuses by robotic software. For years, Google has been using captcha as an essential way to ascertain user is not robot. It asks users to read distorted text and ask to type in the box before proceeding in website. It was helpful in preventing spam in internet.

Google has used captcha for long assuming that robot can’t read or solved distorted texts. But recent report of Google research has shown that even distorted texts can be easily read by robots using artificial intelligence technology with 99.8% accuracy. Hence, it was no longer useful in preventing spam. (more…)