6 Easy Ways to Measure Success of Social Marketing

socialmediaSocial media is widely used to get huge marketing interactions. Social media connection can be leveraged to create and maintain a special relationship with potential customers. But, it is essential to measure social media marketing success to know where campaigns are heading. Apart from that, campaigns bring lots of essential data about consumers from social media. Data helps businesses to sharpen existing campaigns to create more engagements to achieve success in social media marketing.

Here are 6 easy ways to measure social media marketing:

1. Monitor Campaign Visits
Campaign visits are the number of times visitors land on your social profiles. It is essential to monitor the number of time leads land on the social profiles. Social profile should contain like and share button of all prominent social networking sites to take action. There should like page for Facebook, tweet it on Twitter and share it on LinkedIn profile. Apart from that, it is essential to monitor how many times a user loading and sharing each piece of content from your profile. (more…)

Bing Brings Continuous Updates Daily in Search Engine

bing-logo-white-diagonal-1200-800x450In an effort to deliver better using experience and relevant result to visitors, Bing is updating its search engine multiple times a day. It is an important step directed to accelerate rate of innovation in the Bing and its search engine that are loved by visitors. The inspiring information for Bing lovers was given by Dr. Jan Pedersen, chief scientist of Bing and information platform R&D in the official blog. (more…)

Google Included Panda as Core Ranking Signal

google-pandaPanda is one of the most significant algorithms used by Google to fight spam contents in web. It was launched in February 2011 to deliver quality result to users in web. Earlier, it was updated periodically to fight spammy contents to deliver quality search result to visitors. Now, Google has included the algorithm in its main ranking signals. But, it is unclear when it has been incorporated in the algorithm as main ranking signals.
The information was first posted as Panda guide that are given by Google’s PR team to Jennifer Slegg. In this post, it was also informed about the incorporation of Panda as one of main ranking signal.

Is Google Testing New Search Ranking Algorithm?

google-algorithm-fadeWebmasters are observing frequent changes and fluctuation of ranking in search result. Though, there is no confirmation from Google but it is supposed that an algorithm change is taking place in its search engine. In fact, webmasters are observing the changes in pattern similar to Google updates or testing of new algorithm. Rumors are spreading about the fluctuations in SEO world now. (more…)

Top 7 SEO Trends Expected in 2016

seoIn 2015, SEO industry has got numerous exciting updates throughout the year. Mobilegeddon is the most important update which penalized sites with lower compliance on mobile affecting local ranking. A new algorithm for contents has been updated and over a dozen of minor updates from Google. Mobile devices starting to influence search engines result and future of search in term of user behavior.

Search marketers are eagerly waiting for 2016 to find out the changes in SEO industry. This upcoming year may see few landmark shifts in the search industry. Here are the top 7 SEO trends that are expected to dominate the whole year. (more…)

Google Starts Indexing HTTPS Pages First Than HTTP Pages

google-ssl-https-secureGoogle has announced that it is adjusting its indexing system with more preference on the HTTPS pages. It means search engine will look for HTTPS pages first than HTTP pages of the same document to be indexed to show in search result. When two URLs arise from the same domain Google will look for the HTTPS firsts and the other to show in the search result whenever possible. It indicates that Google gives more priority on user’s security and favors showing secure version of the same documents to visitors. (more…)