Google Is Fixing Googlebomb To Prevent Racist Listing In Google Maps

googleGoogle has regretted on how a racist searches bring up White House in search result with a promise to prevent Googlebomb in Google Maps. The company has apologized for this situation to users and finding a fix to this problem quickly stated in its blog post.

The problems that attracted attention from users or Google team after it was discovered that searching for “n-ga house” bring up result of White House in Google Maps. Earlier, similar problems hit Howard University, historically and predominantly a black college. But, this problem isn’t restricted to a place or against any race. (more…)

Bing Rolling Out Mobile Algorithm In Coming Months

mobilefriendlyBing has announced that it is bringing out own version of mobile friendly ranking signals in the coming months. The new algorithm will determine if a web page is mobile friendly by adding a label in the site. It seems Mobilegeddon is finally getting serious attention from search giants in internet as Bing is following the step of Google.

But, Bing hasn’t specified the exact date of releasing new mobile friendly algorithm. Unlike Google, Bing is taking a slow approach to the new algorithm launch in order to get webmaster feedback during the trial period. Bing Team clarified this is being done to communicate better with changes and adjust so that changes can reduce potential anxiety of users. Last year, Bing has observed a shift in mobile space and putting efforts in creating mobile friendly factors since then. (more…)

Google: More Searches On Mobile Than On Desktop

googleLast year, several Google employees have announced that mobile search may overtake desktop sometime this year. And Google has confirmed that finally mobile searches surpassed desktop. It is good news for the marketers targeting mobile devices in recent years.

In fact, this news may not surprise marketers as Google has been asking users to create more mobile friendly website to get benefits from fast growing mobile users. The report also states that it happened only in 10 countries including US and Japan, not worldwide. But, company didn’t elaborate about the countries or about users in those countries. It also declined to share volume of PC and mobile queries are now in other countries. Company didn’t break down relative search shares coming from mobile browsers and those coming from Google mobile search apps. Apart from that Google considers tablet with desktops and this result is just about smartphones excluding tablets. (more…)

Tips To Succeed In Local Seo Post Pigeon Update

Google-pigeon-local-searchIn Pigeon update, Google brought new rules and guidelines to follow for companies for succeeding in local marketing. Despite the local SEO shakeup in post pigeon update, lots of marketers are still following the traditional procedure and wrong search optimization. This is why despite spending time and money businesses remain unsuccessful in local marketing. In fact, this update has created confusion among marketers that need to be rectified to achieve success in the local marketing quickly.

The old seo practices need a shake up to be attuned with new updates of pigeon or to avoid confliction with new guidelines. If you are unaware of the new changes brought in post-pigeon era of local seo, let us find out the important modifications in this blog. (more…)

Banning Of Google in China Benefiting Baidu: eMarketer

baidubannerGoogle is still the undisputed leader in global search market having collected 54.7 percent of ad revenues worldwide in 2014. Last year, Google has been banned from operating in China and it is giving Baidu, the local search leader huge advantage with more ad revenues generation in 2015. It is expected to see a growth of ad revenues from 6.4 in 2013 to 8.8 percent in 2015 according to a study of eMarketer. (more…)

5 Important Open-Source E-Commerce Platforms

E-commerce concept imageCustomers purchasing products through online media is growing steadily over the years. Experts are forecasting that 175 million people would use online media in purchasing goods online by 2016. Seeing the continuous growth, numerous ecommerce businesses are coming up in market. But, it is not all easy to manage online business as it requires expertise and knowledge of this field.

To deploy and manage ecommerce business site easily, special platform is required. There are numerous paid platforms for business to manage the task by experts. But, it is costly and not affordable for a small business. To avoid high expenditure, most of the entrepreneurs like to manage their site themselves taking help of open source ecommerce platforms. Open source ecommerce platform provides features or applications required in online business at a minimal cost. Further, it contains developers and partners to assist the entrepreneurs to sort out problems quickly. So, let us look at some of popular open source ecommerce platforms useful for managing ecommerce site effectively. (more…)