How To Track Social Media Marketing Activities?

social-media-monitoringSocial media marketing has become an important activity for increasing referral traffic and sale of products for businesses. The social media marketing needs to be monitored properly to see campaigns result besides creating special strategies for success. Tracking social campaigns help to attract quality followers, communicate effectively and share contents that resonate with audience. So, tracking can’t be ignored by the companies if wanting to succeed in social media marketing immediately.

In this blog, I will share 7 important ways of tracking metrics and improve social media marketing campaigns. (more…)

Yahoo Signs Deal With Firefox To Increase Users Via Java Installs

yahoo-javaYahoo has signed deal with Oracle to increase its search share and user base in internet. The agreement was signed with Oracle providing ties with Yahoo on the new Java software installation. Marissa Mayer – the CEO of Yahoo announced about the agreement at the company’s annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday. The Yahoo spokesperson confirmed about the deal saying it is a three years deal with Oracle, but declined to comment on the share of financial term of the agreement. (more…)

No Panda or Penguin: Google Confirms Core Search Algorithm Update

google-algorithmThe SEO community has been noticing sharp changes in search result in Google since May 1st 2015. The whole community was anxious to know about the update going on for so long in the Google search engine. Some of community members thought, it is the much awaited Panda algorithm update or may be Penguin update that may be underway. But, Google has confirmed that it is neither Panda nor Penguin but it is a core search algorithm update. It has also informed that they will continue to bring more core search algorithm updates in the future as well to provide better quality search result to users. (more…)

Facebook And Shopify Extending Buy-Button Testing

facebook-buy-button-21Social media is being used by many retail chains in increasing sale of products. Social media sites are hub for potential buyers with millions of users worldwide. Facebook, in collaboration with ecommerce service provider Shopify, integrated a buy-button for users. Now, this buy-button has been integrated and being tested by different retailers with the help of Shopify. It is being considered as an important step to increase sale of product in social media.

Buy-button Integration in Newsfeed and Commercial Ads
The main motive of integrating a buy-button in newsfeed and commercial ads is to allow users to purchase products directly from the page itself without needing to go to original website. Facebook has been proceeding with the development of trade-based structure for a long time and now displaying this button in its network. Though, Facebook has been working in this direction for a long time but the process has been taken forward after the collaboration with Shopify. (more…)

Tips To Optimize Website To Prevent SEO Penalty

over-seo-penaltyIn every Google’s algorithm updates large numbers of sites are penalized and marketers remain in tense that their websites could be in next Google hit list. But, if you are performing SEO correctly and abiding by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines performing white-hat SEO strategies, there is no need to worry about future updates.

According to Moz’s Algorithm update page, there have been 67 updates since 2012, affecting average of 1% of sites per update. It means roughly 8 million sites have experienced serious ranking drops, fluctuation, or improvements over the years (considering 800 million websites in web). (more…)

Why Businesses Shouldn’t Ignore Pinterest Anymore?

pinterestlogonicePinterest is stepping up as a valuable marketing tool other than Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The online bulletin board for your favorite images has already experienced wild growth in recent years. The site has more than 72 million registered users and driving more traffic to company websites and blogs than combination of YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Why Pinterest Is Important For Businesses?
Before finding out the importance of this platform for businesses, let us understand the users. Pinterest allows users to organize images-pretty images of sunrise or foods you’ve tasted before in the boards in specific categories. When businesses pin something new, all followers will see it. Apart from that they can like, comments and even re-pin in their own boards. In short, like Facebook content, your pins can go viral helping to reach more potential customers. (more…)