Careful HTTPS Switcher, You Can Drop Traffic from Website – The Buffer Story

GoogleGoogle announced in August 2014 that website using HTTPS would be used as a ranking signal while showing result in search result. This is aim at providing safer and genuine result to the customers in the Search engine. Further, many websites are aiming at switching over to HTTPS from HTTP to get the favor.

But, the complex technicalities involved in the process can cause your traffic to drop as low as 90%. Buffer has found that after adopting the HTTPS the traffic from Google has plunged to 90%. It has been found that the traffic was constantly decreasing in the website after the adoption. Actually, Google didn’t anticipate that unusual change from Buffer. (more…)

Google Penalizes Websites for Using Private Blog Networks

googleGoogle has reportedly taken action against the websites for participating in private blog networks and also called PBNs.  On 18th of September, Google has issued noticed to the concerned websites through Google Webmaster Tool on account of “thin content”.

Why Google is Punishing Websites Using PBNs?

Private Blog networks are generally group of sites or blogs which are controlled by a publisher but these are utilized to create more links within the networks for a particular content to rank higher in Google. These PBNs aren’t really private to public and Google as it can be seen by the visitors. But, private name is given to the contents as the public visitors won’t get any benefit and instead made solely for seo ranking purpose. (more…)

5 SEO Strategies Essential for Companies to Succeed in 2014

seoMany companies solely depend upon online media in promoting their products, services and information to the potential customers. In fact, online promotion has become essential for every company to survive in global market as traditional marketing practices no longer work. Website is being used as an important mode of creating brand awareness, establish relationship through communication, and find out potential customers. But, people will notice the website if, it ranks higher in search engine. Thus, success of a company depends upon website’s ranking which determines traffic, sales and conversion.

SEO services should be taken by the companies to gain top ranking in this competitive online market. But, advanced techniques and skills should be used in the campaign to gain the desired ranking within a stipulated time. Otherwise, companies will simply waste their hard earned money without getting desirable result. Let us find out the seo trends in 2014 for companies to remain ahead of their competitors in online marketing. (more…)