Bing Ads Bans Ads from Third-party Tech Support Companies

downloadMicrosoft has released a new Bing Ads Global ad policy recently. The new policy of Bing ads bans advertising from third-party tech support companies like The change will affect markets across the globe on which Bing ads are served.

Liz Walsh, demand quality project manager for Bing Ads in a blog post, confirmed:

“This policy change reflects Microsoft’s commitment to lead the industry in providing a safer

        experience for all of our end users, including populations most vulnerable to online scams and other  

       fraud activities.”

Earlier in this month, Bing has reported that it had blocked about 15 million ads and 25, 000 sites for third-party tech support scams. The ads are written in a way similar to tech companies themselves creating confusion among consumers. Though, the aim is to get more calls for support but call representatives claiming themselves to represent tech company creates a scam. Consumers get convinced to their claims and get charged of exorbitant fees to fix a non-existent problem.

The new policy states that advertisers can’t promote technical support to consumers for product or services which they don’t own. Further, advertisers mustn’t claim to be the actual owner of the product or services advertised or having ability to offer that services.

The policy comes in compliance with earlier US orders fining more than $5.1 million to six international tech support scam operators in 2014. But, at that time there were tech supports ads on Google and Bings, which continued to create confusion for consumers despite the crackdown.

It’s a known fact that Google hasn’t banned third-party tech support ads firms right away. But, Google has soon banned the scam and Bing Ads has followed the suit providing no result in search today.

The news of banning third-party tech support ads comes after Google’s news of banning Payday and high-interest loans ads.

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