Bing Webmaster tools adds site move tool

According to the official report of the Bing webmaster tools that it has the capability to move the site. The movement is from current domain to another; inside the site and from current URLs to other URLs. It is being helpful for the people to move and redirect their URLs from the current place to the other URLs present within same site. This is helpful to notify the company Bing a major URLs move within the site. This is more helpful when you have redesigned your site and you want to redirect the URLs to a different place and you want the company to understand this change quickly.

Then, if you want to move and redirect the URLs from one site to another site you can use this process. It is possible to inform to the Bing that you are moving from one domain to another domain which is verified by the webmaster of the company and this can change even after this.  This is a better tool in compare to the Google as said by the Microsoft company official. This is because the tool which is used in the Google’s webmaster tools is permitting to change the address only not any domain changes within the site or externally. This really a better for tools and it offers more flexibility to the web publishers than the Google webmaster tools.

This change can be done in three levels which are domain, sub domain and directory. But still the official of the company are advising the people to use the 301 redirect as it is not a substitution of this rather it helps it change the things more quickly than the earlier one. To do the move first of all you have to create redirects in a new domain to resolves it. Secondly after the first change you cannot move it for six months and even you cannot plead to do this to the Bing webmaster tool.

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