Google Panda Penalty: Why Your Site Traffic Is Going Down

The causes of Google panda penalty and its remedial measures!

Google Panda penalty is one of the hot SEO topics among the bloggers nowadays. It is a major search engine algorithm of Google which takes the high quality and thick content up and bring down the low or thin quality contents. It is a domain level penalty which means if your site contain even certain amount of low quality content then it will hurt your ranking. It is helping to find out the best content in the sites but it is causing a serious effect on some companies. Is this causing a serious decline of traffic and ranking of website? If it is then it is the right time to know the causes of this with remedial measures.

The website get Panda penalty due to the following-

  • A website with inferior quality or thin contents.
  • It has content farm with a goal to generate more pages.
  • Site having large amount of useless pages indexed in the Google.
  • If the seo structures is not up to the standard.
  • If it has duplicate content from other site.
  • Too much stresses on advertisement.
  • It takes long time to load the site.
  • Its content is written in poor grammar.
  • Over optimization of seo.

 Here is the list of remedial measure to ensure the rise in the traffic into your site:

  • Write quality content: it is the writing of whole post with proper placement of the targeted keywords as the Google takes seriously of the quality and length of the post. According to a study the longer content fares well in the ranking.
  • LSI words: this helps the search engines to figure out the category of the article and the using of different keywords tags in bold, italics to make the content more search engine targeted. Using the keyword in appropriate density is necessary with 70% optimization.
  • Remove unnecessary pages/posts from Google search: remove the entire unnecessary and outdated page indexed with Google.
  • Remove low quality content: if your website is having low quality content written in the past to gain more volume with no targeted keyword or too short should be removed.
  • Duplicate content: if your website is having duplicate content which are copied from other blog or cross post of same content. It should be removed as the Google take it seriously in it.
  • Learn seo: if you want to promote your website and want to change your site then learn seo.
  • Social media promotion: the use of various social media site to promote your site as it gives more ranking to the website.
  • MFA or affiliated website: this is done especially by the people who running the site to earn more money so they give many ads which takes down the ranking.
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