Google to solve the wispy scandal next week!

Google is trying to settle the wispy investigation with 30 US state Attorneys General according to the special report of AlLThingD. It also stated that the Google will not admit its fault but will pay 7 million dollars for the settlement next week. Last year the federal communication commission didn’t find any liability against it but it has imposed a fine of 25,000 dollars for not cooperating with the investigation team which it rejects severely.

The wispy scandal came to light in May 2010 which involves the capturing and using of emails and other private details of its users in the hotspot mapping and street view Wi-Fi data gathering by the Google. Sergey Bin, the cofounder of the company has admitted the problem at the I/O developer conference that it was a mistake. But during the FCC investigation it was found an intentional data capture and it was instigated by an engineer who thought this will be useful for the company. Later the investigating team decided not to pursue a criminal case against Google as the engineer, Marius Milner invoked in its 5th amendment of self confession. But according to the report it was portrayed that it was asked to do it from the management of the company. But the company’s management is severely opposing to this report and further added it had no prior knowledge of it nor it was an authorized from the company.

To prevent this from happening in the future Google has created a special team internally to ensure high standard of the product design and are operated in a manner that protect the privacy of its user. This step has been taken after the wispy scandal in the abroad and United States. So, let’s wait for the announcement of the settlement which is due next week. Well after this settlement most of the wispy cases will have settlement.

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