How to protect your social networking account from phishing?

The cyber crime is increasing globally and forcing the people to think over of the safety of the personal information.  Today, the people are involved in the social networking sites to communicate with their friends and loved one. These accounts are the target of many of the hacker to take out the personal details of the person. This information is used by the hackers for their personal gain. This is why it is necessary for the people to know about the security measure to protect their account from the phishing in the networking sites. In this blog, I would tell you the steps of protecting the account from being phished.

The social networking sites are getting popular for the people for expressing their views on different happening of the world. It is becoming the hubs of the online marketer and others to share their views on the different topic. It has gained one of the largest numbers of traffics within a short span of time. This is why the hackers are targeting to gather personal information by phishing. Here are I am giving some of the steps to make your account more secure.

The first and foremost step of the protection of the account in the networking sites is the education. The users should know about the sign of the phishing in the email and social media accounts. Run antivirus scans regularly and avoid sharing of the passwords, pin numbers and account numbers in the social sites if any website asks for as it may be phishing. In this way, you can save yourself from the phishing attempts.

Separate your social media account
Don’t use the organization email in making the social media accounts but instead use the Gmail address to make it separate from your business email. You can use the HootSuite application to prevent the reach of the hacker in the accounts of the social media. The hacker can hack the app but it will not harm the account of the social media. If the social media account is hacked then it is under complete control of the hackers.

Strengthen Your Passwords
Strengthen your password so that it is not penetrated by the hackers in the social networking sites. The password should contain uppercase, lower case, number and symbol to make it strong. You should keep it secret and should not share with others in the social networking sites.

Operation Damage Control
If the social media account is attack by the phishing then, you should plan what to do in this incident. You can inform the police about the incidents and help in collecting the data of the attacks. But it should be handled with care.

The hacker uses simple and basic method to hack your social networking account. Thus, you should know what to do to save your account from the attacks. So, taking these precautions will help you to get more security in the social networking sites.

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