Is Google authorship helpful in protecting your website against its future update?

Google AuthorshipHave you been affected with Google Penguin 2.0 update? Those affected websites owners are panicking and finding reasons of being hit and to find best possible solutions to come out and protect from its future update. Seo industry is busier finding out effect and possible reasons of penalty. Google gives preference to some criteria of activities of webmasters, which can protect their website against future updates. In this Penguin 2.0 update also people started finding out best preference of Google as few more updates are expected soon in this year. In this blog I would bring to light the preferences of Google’s authorship to protect your website from penalty.

Top rankings for industry authorities
Matt Cutts, head of Web Spam, quoted that they are working to help regular webmaster in industries. It emphasizing on authority website for ranking higher in search engines. It is detecting authority websites and helping to rank higher in search engines in its industry irrespective of its kind. 

Author rank
This hot topic has been around the industry for over few months. Putting your quality content in Google+ and other social media can be a good tool of getting traffic in website. Yes, this can offer good ranking in search engines. But it should have contents which is preferred by readers because of its quality and authoritative content. This type of website is rewarded with higher ranking in search engines.

Writer having Google authorship and publishing regular quality content gets higher ranking and protection in website against future updates of the organization. So, website publishing low quality contents will continue to suffer from its future updates.

Authorship acts as protective shield
It sounds ridiculous but yes it helps in increasing your protection of your site. You keep publishing quality contents in website and gains authority in your particular industry. Sharing and publishing quality contents in Google+, you are actually gaining its credibility. This develops your author rank in Google algorithm which brings good result to your website. Linking to authorship markup in Google+ profile helps website to get extra protection during updates.

Great author are rewarded and recognized
It is difficult to tell which author rank helps and materializes. But authors linked with their websites and Google+ profiles with authorship markup get real benefit from it. As you know that good content of great authors bring good recognitions and rewards.

After reading this, you might be willing to link your website with your Google+ profile via authorship markup. It is done, great! Still not, what are you waiting for? Do it right away to gain its benefit and increase your click rates.

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