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It's not enough to have a website, what matter more are traffic, leads, and conversions. Are you satisfied with your current rankings?

We help businesses like yours to rank in the first page of Google. It obviously means more eyeballs to your offerings, and more customers for your business. Isn't that what your business needs?

Aim for conversions, not just traffic

Yes, that's right. Traffic means a lot, but the story does not get a happy ending here only. Your website should be able to convince your potential customers to be the ultimate buyers. Does that make sense?

If yes, it's the time you should give it a go. It's the time you revise your marketing spends and invest in our SEO services that will definitely give you long term benefits.

We will not only make your website rank higher on strategically chosen keywords, but also will guide you to be ready for conversions. We have done it for many, be the next. Ask for a free quote here →

How do we make it possible?
  • We are no magicians, but can mesmerise you with our performance
  • We believe that every website is unique and it needs a different strategy
  • We devise, innovate, research, implement, test, track, and succeed
  • We know what makes Google happy about your website and we work accordingly
  • Google is not the same as it used to be, so is our SEO and the campaigns
  • Your ROI means the most to us, we always work with a focus to increase it

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376% increase in Organic SEO Traffic

SEO Case Study - Just4Eves Boutique

Increased traffic, improved conversions

We ran two separate campaigns with social media and organic SEO, and brought them in line to have a consolidated impact on the website traffic. 15 keywords were brought to the first page in the 4 month itself, and on the completion of the project, it all 25 came to the first page.

RankingsSEO Rankings

Enhanced visitors' engagement

Having good amount of traffic is definitely not enough, what matters the most is - visitors' engagement. Thankfully, it is easy even for our customers to track the engagement we create. Technically, it is called Bounce Rate, the lesser it is, the better it is.

Enhanced visitors engagement
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Industry-acclaimed research tools to formulate better campaigns

We are premium members to several industry acclaimed research & analytics tools

Affordable pricing, result-oriented campaigns

We make sure our pricing suits your budget without letting you compromize with the results

    • Starter SEO
    • From $200 (Rs 8000)
    • Competition - Below 5,000,000
    • 5 keywords
    • Duration: 6 months
    • Premium* Contents - 1 bi-weekly
    • Reports - Weekly
    • Support - Phone/Chat/Email/Ticket
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    • Starter SEO
    • From $350 (Rs 15000)
    • Competition - Below 5,000,000
    • 10 keywords
    • Duration: 7 months
    • Premium* Contents - 1 every week
    • Reports - Weekly
    • Support - Phone/Chat/Email/Ticket
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    • Gold SEO
    • From $500 (Rs 25000)
    • Competition - Below 5,000,000
    • 25 keywords
    • Duration: 7 months
    • Premium* Contents - 1 every week
    • Reports - Weekly
    • Support - Phone/Chat/Email/Ticket
    • Enquire Now

*Premium contents = High quality custom content creation and submission to Linkedin Publishing Network. See example here.

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Ranking high in search engines is no more optional, it's critical.

We can help your business get found online.
Customers' Testimonials: We couldn't have said it any better

We always work to get similar reactions from all our customers.

Our website traffic dropped by 75% in two months. Never knew we could recover from monstrous Penguin update. But thanks to Splashsys, we have recovered by 60% in two months. :)

- Manasi Malhotra, CMO - Bounex Creatives

I have become real fan of these guys. After I left job, my websites are the sources I survive on. Splashsys have kept the fuel up throughout for six months now. I am very happy with my decision of leaving my job and being a full time affiliate marketer for life.

- Gary Stanley, - Independent business owner

Ranking in Top Ten results of Google for over 20 keywords makes us happy as we are. We will definitely recommend this SEO company to anyone and everyone.

- Samuel Collier - Axim Accounting

These SEO people did what they said. We got ranked in Bing and Google for a set of 10 keywords. Our ROI has improved dramatically. Thanks

- Sidharth Gulati - (No Company Name, NDA signed)

How to get started with our SEO?

It's simple, here are the steps involved:

  1. Contact us with your website details and tell us your target markets
  2. We will do the analysis and will send you a detailed SEO proposal
  3. Go through it and if you have questions, let us know.
  4. Confirm your approval, and we are ON.
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