10 Proven Ways to Succeed in Google Call Only Campaigns

callAccording to BIA/Kelsey, 162 billion is the expected number of times that customers will call businesses by 2019.

The mass use of mobile phones has opened the floodgates for phone calls to businesses. In response, Google has been launching new features to make sure advertisers can take advantage of it. The first feature embedded in the campaign is the call extension, then tracking from landing pages and now call-only campaigns.

Driving call and tracking calls are simple in the call-only campaign. However, it takes sometimes to get used to it. Further, you can’t use your traditional PPC strategies onto the call-only campaign and expect that to work.

If you are looking for ways to succeed in call-only campaigns, here are 10 proven tips to achieve success:

  1. Use Your URL

Call-only campaigns have less things to work on than the regular PPC ads. You don’t have a headline and landing page. You use your phone number instead. The only thing you can use is your URL. Use a CTA or keyword at the end of your display URL. Write a compelling message with the 35 characters.

  1. Test Your Copy

Use a highly targeted and concise ad copy in your campaign. Make the two lines of 35 characters attractive with a proven CTA to compel people to call you. Like in the text ads, include keywords to your ad copy.

  1. Start Your Campaigns Bidding High

Start your new call-only campaign bidding high. You may lose money initially but gives a good return, in the long run, optimising the campaign based on accumulated data. Plus, securing the top one or second position is not easy in AdWords unless you want to pay more.

  1. Use Call-Centric Keywords

Make sure to use the keywords that appeal to your audience and most likely to call. It could be location-based keywords or that resonate customer intent. Research the frequents keywords that customers use in conversation before purchasing a product or service.

Include the keywords that target people with high intent looking for quick answers or to take immediate action without further research.

  1. Schedule Your Ads Strategically

Running your ads during non-office hours would be foolish. You won’t want to drive phone calls to a voicemail or unmanned store. Use manual bidding CPC strategy to run your campaign only during the business hours. Ensure that ads appear just at the peak time so that you can take advantage of the consumer behaviour and preference.

  1. Optimise for Location Targeting

Location targeting is vital for local businesses. Use a local phone number. Ensure that the calls are automatically routed to the store or branch based on the location. Increase your bids in the geographic areas that bring high-quality calls than others.

  1. Calculate Call-Through Rate

Track your call-only ads accurately. As you know, all clicks don’t lead to phone calls, but you will be charged for all clicks.

An autodialer comes on the phone screen after clicking on the ads to make the call. Calculate the call-through rate to figure out how many clicks were resulted in calls to optimise your bids on calls versus clicks.

If there is a significant disparity between clicks and calls mean that the targeted audience doesn’t want to call you. You need to rethink and optimise your ad copy and keyword strategy to get a desirable result.

  1. Measure the Call Quality

Counting the number of calls is not enough to measure the performance of the ad. You need to figure which calls are actually turning into customers. The outcome of the phone calls matters most to you.

Measure the call quality when trying to optimise ads bidding, performance and calculate ROI. Use call tracking metrics like call duration, understand quality, etc.

Optimising your ads without measuring the quality may result in negative ROI for your business.

  1. Focus on caller experience

If calls are flooding in continuously, you have done a great job. You should make the most of every call.

Don’t use a long and confusing phone menu where you may lose potential customers. Try personalising the caller experience based on the keywords or campaign for the best result.

  1. Run Retargeting Campaign

Synchronise the call data with your retargeting campaigns and retargeting list for search (RLSAs) to enable you to target unconverted calls. You can retarget your audience effectively with the online and offline engagement history built in running the ads.

The quality prospects and highly engaged callers are the perfect fit for retargeting. Plus, it will minimise the risk of targeting someone seeking a discount offer or already converted earlier.

Any company that depends on the phone call should run the call-only campaigns. The campaign is a crucial opportunity for local business to reach their end goals. It will significantly increase your valuable prospects and conversion for your business. There can’t be a better use of your advertising budget than this.

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