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10 Proven Ways to Succeed in Google Call Only Campaigns

callAccording to BIA/Kelsey, 162 billion is the expected number of times that customers will call businesses by 2019.

The mass use of mobile phones has opened the floodgates for phone calls to businesses. In response, Google has been launching new features to make sure advertisers can take advantage of it. The first feature embedded in the campaign is the call extension, then tracking from landing pages and now call-only campaigns.

Driving call and tracking calls are simple in the call-only campaign. However, it takes sometimes to get used to it. Further, you can’t use your traditional PPC strategies onto the call-only campaign and expect that to work.

If you are looking for ways to succeed in call-only campaigns, here are 10 proven tips to achieve success: (more…)

Top 3 Ways to Create Successful AdWords Campaigns

adwords2018 has already been an exciting year for AdWords, as Google has made many significant changes. With the help of these new updates, you might find yourself befuddled with the already tough task of designing successful AdWords campaigns.

After examining hundreds of AdWords campaigns at my company, we have come to know that balance is crucial to paid search success. There is not even a metric that will provide you with a long-term return. Each tweak with an AdWords campaign can create a positive or negative ripple effect. Let us evaluate three important metrics to show how you can achieve AdWords nirvana in your business.

Optimizing for Conversions
No matter what you consider a conversion or goal, this is an essential metric for a paid search campaign. The key factor to optimising for conversions is determining an effective Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). The formula is Revenue/Spend= ROAS. The following are some fundamental ways of optimising for conversions: (more…)

7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in PPC Advertising in 2017

ppc-google-adwords-iconPay Per Click (PPC) advertising is offered by Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. PPC advertising has evolved rapidly since Google launched AdWords in 2000. Most of the advertisers are using paid ads for the promotion of products and sales. Some advertisers think PPC is an expensive affair and question the effectiveness of this strategy. It is costly in comparison to traditional methods but always returns more than the invested money, if done properly.

If you haven’t started the PPC advertising yet, I think you will now knowing the benefits. Here are the top benefits of PPC advertising:

1. Get Higher Exposure in the Web

Ranking in the top of the search result is easy in paid advertising. You need an optimised ad, landing page, optimisation, and bidding to get the desired position. Acquiring the top position in search engines for selected keywords bring higher exposure and traffic for brands. It helps in positioning the brand name in the mind of potential customers showing ads relevant according to their search terms. (more…)

Apple Joining SEM Business with Paid Search for App Developers

apps-mobile-smartphoneApple is joining in paid search business next week. According to a report on The Verge, the company will release its paid-search ads for the App store. The company is going to introduce a new app-subscription revenue sharing model.

The possibility of Apple store SEM joining in search ads was raised in the Bloomberg report of April. Though, actual product launch will come later but developers are being invited to join beta quickly. Apple has confirmed it in the official site: (more…)

7 Ways to Use AdWords Extended Headline for Higher Performance

google-adwardsThe annual Google performance summit keynote of 2016 has been an exciting one with introduction of exciting stuffs. Among the announcements, the expanded text ads have got attention of the advertisers. It is one of the most important updates since introduction of Quality score in the AdWords.

Currently, google is testing ads with two 30-character headline and one 80-character description line. Apart from that, testing ads contain two customizable 15-character path field and your display URLs will be added automatically in the end. The new testing ad will contain 45 more character texts and an URL path from the existing one. (more…)

Google Will Roll Out Revamped AdWords Automated Bidding

google-adwordsGoogle will roll out a revamped AdWords automated bidding. Though, some changes are just semantic but workflow is getting updates.

Changes in Names
Flexible strategies will be named as portfolio bid strategies. The reason of this change is to indicate a single strategy can be applied across multiple campaigns, ad group, and keywords in some cases.

A strategy which is applied to a single campaign has been named as a “standard” bid strategy. (more…)