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Important Tips for Pitching Guest Blog Posts and Earning High-Quality Backlinks

backlinkIf you are actively involved in the work of making a brand more visible online, you are possibly looking to get some links to your website. Indeed, links are one of the leading SEO ranking factors because Google utilizes them to weigh a website’s authority and relevance. However, earning links is always a tough task.

First, you will have to generate high-quality content that is interesting as well as valuable to other brands, so that they choose to mention you. Second, you need to let other brands recognise your fantastic content. In simple words, you have to do outreach marketing- a term that describes the process of getting in touch with the right brands and people to assist you in telling your brand’s story.

Most of the people involved in content marketing often spend much of their time sending outreach emails, and the most of these emails are guest blogging pitches. Since guest blogging is widely accepted as an active type of link building, in this piece, we will find out the best practices on how to compose outreach emails that produce high-quality links. (more…)