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Bing Ads Bans Ads from Third-party Tech Support Companies

downloadMicrosoft has released a new Bing Ads Global ad policy recently. The new policy of Bing ads bans advertising from third-party tech support companies like The change will affect markets across the globe on which Bing ads are served.

Liz Walsh, demand quality project manager for Bing Ads in a blog post, confirmed:

“This policy change reflects Microsoft’s commitment to lead the industry in providing a safer

        experience for all of our end users, including populations most vulnerable to online scams and other  

       fraud activities.” (more…)

Bing Brings Continuous Updates Daily in Search Engine

bing-logo-white-diagonal-1200-800x450In an effort to deliver better using experience and relevant result to visitors, Bing is updating its search engine multiple times a day. It is an important step directed to accelerate rate of innovation in the Bing and its search engine that are loved by visitors. The inspiring information for Bing lovers was given by Dr. Jan Pedersen, chief scientist of Bing and information platform R&D in the official blog. (more…)

Bing Rolling Out Mobile Algorithm In Coming Months

mobilefriendlyBing has announced that it is bringing out own version of mobile friendly ranking signals in the coming months. The new algorithm will determine if a web page is mobile friendly by adding a label in the site. It seems Mobilegeddon is finally getting serious attention from search giants in internet as Bing is following the step of Google.

But, Bing hasn’t specified the exact date of releasing new mobile friendly algorithm. Unlike Google, Bing is taking a slow approach to the new algorithm launch in order to get webmaster feedback during the trial period. Bing Team clarified this is being done to communicate better with changes and adjust so that changes can reduce potential anxiety of users. Last year, Bing has observed a shift in mobile space and putting efforts in creating mobile friendly factors since then. (more…)

Bing Ads Delivers Campaign Performance Data In An Hour

bingBing Ads has recently started providing campaign performance data within a hour. Earlier, it used to take at least four hours to get the essential information about clicks and impression. But, now it is providing the data within or less than a hour. It means that the data is arriving to you 10 times faster than earlier enabling users to optimize campaign rapidly. Advertisers armed with faster turnaround would allow better campaign management and find out hot bidded terms or clicks. (more…)

Bing Revealed Ranking Factors Of A Content

bing-logo-500x367Michael Basilyan- the senior program manager of Bing Content Quality Team revealed the detail of Bing’s algorithms ranking factors for the quality content on its official blog. He further wrote that apart from quality of content, topic relevance and context is also used to determine the ranking of content.

Quality content should have three primary factors as authority, utility and presentation to rank higher according to Bing algorithm.

Authority of Content
Bing defines authority by determining the trust of content.  Before trusting content or providing authority, Bing inspects content to found out link building of page and observes at the establishment of web site and web page. Social network signal are looked to find out author citation, recognition, and authority. It is helpful to determine the content is written by professionals before ranking in search result.


Bing is Testing Customer Rating Annotations in Ads

bing-ads-diagonal-1200-800x450Bing Ads is showing review service, viewpoint, and consumer rating annotations in text ads. As Google is utilizes survey rating in AdWords; Bing Ads is also using grade performance features like customer service, rating, return policies, reviews, price and selection. Though, the testing is still in initial stage but will definitely help the customers in selecting best products from the Ads. (more…)