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7 Factors Essential for Making Viral Contents

writing-fresh-contentEvery business wants products to be seen and known by large audience in web. It is not easy to create content that is liked and shared by many people in social media platform. However, adding essential variables in content helps to market content nicely. Human behavior and psychology are predictable and can be leveraged in content for achieving marketing goal. Adding all basic variables in contents create chances to go viral.

Let us look at 7 essential factors that can make contents to go viral in the web: (more…)

The Psychology of Sharing Contents Online

1-interest-postsThe marketing strategies of companies are rapidly changing from traditional mass advertisement to promotion of products through social media. Most of the online marketer are utilizing social media in establishing a good relationship and speak directly to the customers. Billions of customers use social networking sites every month and hence these media have become a hub of potential customers. Moreover, no media is as reliable and quick to build brand awareness by the company as the social media of today.

But, establishing company’s account in various networking sites won’t lead to its popularity. Company need to study about the psychology of consumers before starting the marketing. A quality content is the most suitable weapon for a company to increase share in online media. What sorts of content get shared in social media? This question often torments the content writer being asked by their boss to write viral content every time. But, without knowing the psychology of customers, would it be possible to write content people like to share? No. Let us find out the contents, motivation, and reasons of sharing the content by the customers in online media. (more…)

Matt cutt calls for reassessment of the websites contents to the webmaster

Do you have quality contents in the website? Quality contents are an asset for the company. It brings good ranking in the search engines accompanied by high traffic in the website. These visitors are eventually converted into client with the good contents. But many don’t understand this as they keep on duplicating the contents from other website for quick lucrative profit. Later, they get caught by Google and gets penalty from panda update. If you are doing this in your website’s contents, it is right time to think for a change. As Matt Cutts has warned webmasters to remove the duplicate contents from their sites otherwise will be pushed back to the lowest point of the search result. So, if you are thinking of getting a good return from your website follow the guidelines of Google. Keep this in mind that scraped contents can bring short gain but in future penalty is sure for your website. (more…)

5 Tips of Creating Great Contents in the Website

Are you publishing audience’s content in your website? Content is the greatest tool of a website in bringing more customers for your products. Visitors come to the site to seek great information about the products and services. So, publishing content which is preferred by the audience is extremely essential for the company to success in the online industry. Once the audience likes the content they will come for more information and some even direct their friends to the website. It will significantly increase the traffic and some visitors will be converted into your clients. Remember, content is the key factor in outplaying your competitors from the race to derive more traffic and customers.

Perhaps, every owner wants their content to stand out in the crowds to enjoy the benefit. Unfortunately, only few could produce such great content which is appealing to the users. Some does not make effort to produce such content as still they can drive some customers but suffers in the long run. So, here I am giving you five tips of producing great content for your website. (more…)

How to get more sharing of your quality contents?

Quality ContentAre your contents being shared and re-shared in social media channels?  If you are creating contents and posting blogs to your website, they must be shared. Remember, only great quality contents are shared from one reader to another and this process goes on. It is called viral sharing in marketing language. It increases brand awareness among people and helps in increasing traffic for the site. It all starts with an active content marketing strategy. Learn what is content marketing and how to do it effectively.

Basic requirement for getting more shares for your contents is to get your followers to share your contents with their friends. People take a note on those contents which get large number of shares in social media. But the foremost requirement of getting more shared is quality content. To get quality content you have to remain up to date and bring industry relevant contents in the website to gain more people’s attention. In this blog I will tell you which content gets most shares and how to do it for maximum sharing in social networking sites.

Let us look into the content which people like to share more in social networking sites. Here these are, read on…

  1. Positive content gets more shares than negative contents.
  2. Content which evoke emotional responsive from readers whether it’s good or bad.
  3. Useful and relevance content get more shares. (more…)

Content writing tips for the ecommerce website for more traffic

Content Writing TipsEverybody knows the importance of the content for the conversion of the visitor into clients. There are thousands of eCommerce websites for the visitor with different content written in it. The visitor doesn’t pay much attention to this content as it is found everywhere. But it is necessary to invite them in the website content by attractive strategies of marketing for conversion. It is impossible to attract the visitor until we have fascinating content in the website. In this blog, I would suggest you to go for the various tactics of making it more attractive for the visitor and subsequently convert them.

Write to provoke an emotional response
How much your writing creates emotional response of the readers? The response of the reader may be good or bad according to the thinking of the readers. You should be able to attach the reader with your content so that they laugh, cry or even get angry. To get the emotional response you should express a strong opinion of a topic about the industry or any topic related to your industry. This will bring lots of involvement from the people in the industry discussing and they will be more fascinated toward your company. (more…)