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8 Facebook Insights to Build Successful Marketing Strategies

facebook-content-marketing-strategy-guide-billboardLooking to success in social marketing? Facebook is an ideal platform for business. You must think why Facebook and not hundreds of other social networks. It is the largest social networking site with over 1.59 billion active users per month. It’s over 20% of global population and receives largest amount of referral traffic.

To have an ideal marketing strategy, you need to research competition, audiences and platform. User’s virtual persona helps to include best practices analyzing better. You know, best strategies always win and other fail to make an impact. (more…)

Facebook Testing Virtual Assistant M Similar To Siri and Cortana

facebook-personal-assistant-1Facebook is testing a virtual assistant M similar to Apple Siri, Google now, and Microsoft’s Cortana. It has been announced by David Marcus Facebook’s VP of messaging products its official page. It is being tested on 100 Facebook messenger app users in Bay Area and it will be rolled out for all messenger users around the globe. The new virtual assistant use artificial intelligence and will be assisted by real people to complete request of users fast. But, Google, Apple and Microsoft are using only technology in providing the service to users automatically.   (more…)

Facebook And Shopify Extending Buy-Button Testing

facebook-buy-button-21Social media is being used by many retail chains in increasing sale of products. Social media sites are hub for potential buyers with millions of users worldwide. Facebook, in collaboration with ecommerce service provider Shopify, integrated a buy-button for users. Now, this buy-button has been integrated and being tested by different retailers with the help of Shopify. It is being considered as an important step to increase sale of product in social media.

Buy-button Integration in Newsfeed and Commercial Ads
The main motive of integrating a buy-button in newsfeed and commercial ads is to allow users to purchase products directly from the page itself without needing to go to original website. Facebook has been proceeding with the development of trade-based structure for a long time and now displaying this button in its network. Though, Facebook has been working in this direction for a long time but the process has been taken forward after the collaboration with Shopify. (more…)

5 Ways To Increase Facebook Like In WordPress

Facebook-likeFacebook likes, is an indication of popularity of a website in a particular niche. But, getting likes in Facebook isn’t easy as it requires efforts and dedication. Facebook, the largest social networking platform with over 1.25 billion users, helps companies to reach to more potential customers quickly. A solid fan and customer base can be created with right effort, which helps to get success in marketing.

Getting likes in Facebook is comparatively easy for WordPress users. This platform provides numerous opportunities to users to configure and get benefits in marketing. Wondering, how it is possible? Check out the 5 essential steps to increase Facebook likes in WordPress.

  1. Use Facebook Like Box In Lightbox Popup

WordPress users can use Lightbox popup to display their Facebook like box. But, Facebook like box popup should not be shown to visitors soon after landing in your website as it can be irritating. The best time to show is when a visitor is about to leave your website. To use Lightbox popup precisely, use OptinMonster to set Facebook like box appear at the right time. It can be configured to appear only once or when a user is about to go to second page. In this way, you can get more likes from your visitors in Facebook.   (more…)

5 Awesome Ways To Create Engagement In Facebook

Improve-Engagement-Facebook-PageFacebook is the largest social networking site with over 1.23 billion users as on mid 2014. The social networking site has great potential in delivering desired result to companies, if utilized properly. Numerous businesses are creating reputation and brand awareness through specialized campaign in this platform. User oriented shares and likes in facebook play a great role in enhancing marketing or sales of products in by companies. But, it not easy to get automatic share and likes from users without creating their preferred contents. A special strategy is required to create content suitable for this platform only by a company.

Have you ever wondered why some posts go viral in Facebook? To create such viral content, a business needs to find out facebook users preference first. Creating engagement doesn’t require luck but a definite strategy while writing the content. The top topics which get more likes or shares in Facebook are positivity, technology, travel, health, quotes, and sports. Utilize the insights gathered from different resources and create content accordingly to get viral among the users. (more…)

Facebook Rolled Out Call-To-Action Button For Business Page

facebook-call-to-action-buttonsFacebook has launched call-to-action buttons for business page to woo companies. This new tool will help companies to talk to their consumers directly and increase their conversion rate immensely. It is being considered as an important decision of Facebook to attract business advertises in the networking site. The buttons are important for companies to direct the customers to mailing list, shop or inches toward the conversion of e-commerce website.

The company has launched the CTC buttons on 10th of 2014 for targeting potential customers in organic result with providing improved insights. (more…)