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Google is Releasing Device Based Bid Adjustments Next Month

GoogleGoogle is releasing a device based bidding system in AdWords next month. It means advertisers can set individual bid adjustments according to device type: mobile, desktop and tablet. It is going to be a significant change as advertisers will have more control in their bidding on campaigns. This significant announcement came during Google Performance Summit in San Francisco earlier in this month. Google also stated that it now handles trillions of searches globally per year and more than half of the searches start on mobile devices.

The bids are usually tied to desktop when mobile usage is ascending so rapidly over the years. Advertisers face challenges to scale mobile which has been limited to desktop multiplier. To address this issue, Google has announced this to help advertisers set bids for each type device easily. (more…)

Google Releases Google Analytic 360 Suite for Search Marketers

google-analytics-360Google is rolling out Google Analytic 360 suite for search marketers. It is an update aimed at simplifying laborious works of large businesses syndicating and unifying marketing and advertising data in different channels. Integration of both AdWords and DoubleClick in the suite is being useful for search marketers. You will get a brand-new as well rebranded solution has been included in Google’s analytic 360 suite for enterprise.

Several new features have been added and old features rebranded in this suite.

Let us find out the new features:

Data Management Platform: Google audience 360 is a data management platform of Google that calls DoubleClick audience center. As of now, a DMP has been missing from Google’s advertising technology. (more…)

Impacts of Google New SERP Layout On Search

Google-SERPS-Update-lightGoogle has confirmed killing of right hand side ads and it is rolling out this change globally. Instead, there will be 4 AdWords ads in top of organic result and 3 ads below it.  However, product listing ads and knowledge graph ads will continue to be shown in right side. The change has received sharp reaction from search marketers and advertisers in the web. Speculations are coming up in forums regarding its impacts on search and marketing.

Change is the name of Google. It keeps improving search with various updates. Some of the changes are welcomed while other get strong reactions from panic marketers. In this case, change has got mixed reactions but hopeful to bring positive result in PPC marketers.

Let us examine the impacts of removing right hand side ads for marketers and advertisers: (more…)

Google Adds RLSA to AdWords Shopping Ads with Shopping Remarketing List

remarketingRecently, Google has introduced shopping remarketing list to increase the reach of RLSA campaign beyond the text ads to PLAs and local inventory ads (LIAs). This is an important update for advertisers about retargeting potential customers just after customer-match email listing update. It enables the advertisers to target potential customers using Google products with email remarketing. (more…)

Google AdWords Introduces Structured Snippets

googleGoogle has recently released a new ad extension for AdWords – structured snippets. This is similar to an ad extension released by Google in the month of March – dynamic structured snippet. It automatically pulls ads based on the categories in website. But, the new format is offering more flexibility as it can be controlled completely by advertisers. This is a non-clickable extension enabling you to add contexts in the ad copy similar to callout extensions.

In the text, there is a header and a list of appropriate values applying on it. The main purpose of this extension is to offer more insights about products and services in the ad. This is a good opportunity for advertisers to improve CTR and drives more valuable traffic useful in increasing conversion rate in ads, if used properly. This is another ad extension that would contribute to your Quality Score and hence it is essential to add in accounts. (more…)

Google Created A Page To Show AdWords Updates In One Place

google-adwordsGoogle has created a web page to show latest updates of AdWords in one place to the advertisers. It will definitely help advertisers to stay updated about different releases and remain at top of their games. Earlier, some of the updates were found in Google+ and others are found in official blog of Google. It was too difficult to remain informed about different modification and new releases of AdWords regarding advertising. Now, all the updates can be found in that page in a chronological order according to month by the advertisers. (more…)