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Google Included Panda as Core Ranking Signal

google-pandaPanda is one of the most significant algorithms used by Google to fight spam contents in web. It was launched in February 2011 to deliver quality result to users in web. Earlier, it was updated periodically to fight spammy contents to deliver quality search result to visitors. Now, Google has included the algorithm in its main ranking signals. But, it is unclear when it has been incorporated in the algorithm as main ranking signals.
The information was first posted as Panda guide that are given by Google’s PR team to Jennifer Slegg. In this post, it was also informed about the incorporation of Panda as one of main ranking signal.

Google is rolling out panda 4.2 update slowly

imagesWebmasters have been expecting to get Google panda update for months. Panda is an important update of Google to fight back the spammy or poor quality contents from being ranked in higher search result. Authority website with quality contents gets more importance than spammy ones in search result. Update is also useful for penalized website for low quality to return back in search result again. This is why Panda holds lots of importance for the webmasters in SEO industry. (more…)

Google next update is underway for panda or payday

Google has updated the panda 2.0 version affecting many webmasters having bad links and low quality content in the website. It has specially affected the pornographic sites and thus trying to bring the relevance and quality website up in the search engines. It was the last official update of the Google and it will not announce its later updates. Even after the panda update there has been report of the Spammy website in the search engines.

According to the matt cutts, the head of the search spam in Google, an update in the algorithm on its way. This is done after reporting of the Spammy website in the search engines. But it did not mention the date of its releasing and it may come in few weeks time or it may be after 4th of July. He did not mention about the update whether it is panda or payday algorithm. Google did not clarify it even after asking as it has stopped announcing them. It is supposed that the Google has updated panda at least one after the official update. So, this could be the 27th update of the panda as expert assumed. It may be for the payday loan algorithm as it is having some peculiar stuff in it. Moreover, it has been hacked in the last week and its spam’s are not removed. So, this update may be to remove the spam from this algorithm. (more…)

Google Panda Update 25 Seem To Have Hit?

According to the report that Google was supposed to update it panda by last Friday and it seems that it has released it on 14th of the previous week. Even matt cutts, the head of the search spam said that a Google panda will be released by last Friday at the SMX West.  When people are asked to Google about this things but it has not confirm anything and further said they will not inform or confirm any future update of this panda. It was said that the panda will be incorporate in the indexed processes and it will be less noticeable and integrated in the future. (more…)

Google Panda Penalty: Why Your Site Traffic Is Going Down

The causes of Google panda penalty and its remedial measures!

Google Panda penalty is one of the hot SEO topics among the bloggers nowadays. It is a major search engine algorithm of Google which takes the high quality and thick content up and bring down the low or thin quality contents. It is a domain level penalty which means if your site contain even certain amount of low quality content then it will hurt your ranking. It is helping to find out the best content in the sites but it is causing a serious effect on some companies. Is this causing a serious decline of traffic and ranking of website? If it is then it is the right time to know the causes of this with remedial measures.

The website get Panda penalty due to the following-

  • A website with inferior quality or thin contents.
  • It has content farm with a goal to generate more pages.
  • Site having large amount of useless pages indexed in the Google.
  • If the seo structures is not up to the standard.
  • If it has duplicate content from other site.
  • Too much stresses on advertisement.
  • It takes long time to load the site.
  • Its content is written in poor grammar.
  • Over optimization of seo. (more…)

How to stop panicking before Google panda slap your site.

Quality content and keywords maintenance are keys to avoid Google panda penalty.

The people start to panic as they see a drop in traffic and ranking of their website. A question always comes in the mind of the people, if they have been slapped by the Google panda update? The ranking and traffic of a website fluctuate due to various reasons not necessarily to the panda penalties. Panda is an algorithm of Google to find out the high quality or original thick contents websites and rank it higher in the search engines instead of low quality or duplicate contents websites.

Here are some procedure to find out the causes of low ranking and the panda penalty on website.

  • Watch the keyword- instead of looking at the ranking, categories the keywords to track the changes in the content of your site. (more…)