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Penguin Real Time Update Release Likely By End of 2015

google-penguinsThe whole online marketing community is anxiously waiting for the next Penguin update for a long time. Finally, the wait is likely to come to an end by the end of this year. Google is likely to release Penguin version 4.0 real-time update by the end of this year.

According to Gary Illyes, a Google webmaster trends analyst, states that he expects release to be within 2015. As there is only two months away from completing this year, let hope the update will be released within the fixed date. (more…)

Google is Rolling out Real Time Penguin Algorithm Soon

Google-Penguin-4.0Recently, Google Gary Illyes has confirmed that next penguin update will be rolled out very soon during SMX east conference. Interestingly, this update will be out by the end of this year and will be a real-time version of the algorithm. In July, Gary Illyes announced that Penguin update is just few months away but didn’t mention the exact date or timeline. (more…)

Google Started Rolling Out Penguin 3.0 Impacting 1% of English Queries

google_penguin_update1Google confirmed that Penguin 3.0 version has started rolling out on Friday, 17th October 2014. It has stated that the update will continue for next few weeks and will impact around 1% of the English search queries. This update is a refresh of the existing Penguin but hasn’t confirmed the new changes brought in the algorithm. But, it is a worldwide update and would impact all version of Google search result. People have noticed vast changes in search result and rightly speculated that must be the long waited Penguin update.

Google has started penguin update in 24th April 2012 and rolled out six in total. The main purpose of this update is to discourage webmaster using link scheme or link building against the guidelines of Google. It hit the ranking of websites involving in black hat seo practices and encourages companies to follow its guidelines. In this update, Google target websites deemed spammy and decrease their ranking during the update. The website once hit by this update has to wait for another update to get ranking in search result even after sorting out the problems. Hence, it is essential to follow the guidelines of Google to maintain the ranking and get favor from it. (more…)

Matt Cutts: Penguin 2.1 launched today and Will Affect 1% of the Search Queries

your-guide-to-recovering-from-google-penguin-92d0c012b7Matt Cutts- the chief of the Google spam fighting team has confirmed that penguin 5 has been launched today. It helps in fighting the low quality or spammy contents from ranking higher in the search result. This encourages the quality site by ranking higher in the search engine so that the user can find the most information in the web. In another way, it will improve the user experience web as only quality content will come in the search result. Google has been trying this since the first penguin update in 24th April, 2012 when more than 3% of the queries were impacted. But this one is a mild and it is expected to impact on 1% of the queries.

Google has updated a new algorithm last month called hummingbird. It is helpful in getting the exact answer of the long queries as people talk every day. Google algorithm has become more intelligent and interactive which can understand the search intent of the users. Penguin 2.1 is accompanying the new updated algorithm of the google to give the best experiences to the visitors. This will be helpful in keeping the bad stuff well below the ranking in the search result. The webmaster has to think of improving their contents in the website to rank higher in the website. After the penguin update there is a slight improvement of search result but Google has to go a long for getting total quality contents. (more…)

Steps of recovering from the 2.0 penguin update in the website

pengui20In the last penguin 2.0 update, many large and small online companies got affected. It affected their ranking and overall performance in the online marketing. This update was to lower the ranking of the Spammy and low quality website in the result page of the search engines. The websites were penalized for their low quality link building and darker side practices. Moreover, they were using the automated link building services and the software for the submission. So, if you have been the victim of this update here is the solution of recovering from this problem. In this blog I will discuss the best possible methods of recovering from the penalty which is affecting your performance in the online marketing.

In the last update the experts estimated that nearly 2.3% of the English search queries have been affected in the search engines. So, I am giving solution of what to do in this situation.

The signs of the penguin hit your website
How to know that the update has hit your website? The first things for being in target of the penguin if you are using unethical link building in the website. There will be huge sudden drop of the traffic in the website which indicate your website probably been hit. Look for the ranking of the website to get the real result of the penalty. The penguin goes deep into the website for the Spammy content and affects it. It may affect one single keywords of the page so check detail of the drop. You can analytic and webmaster tools account if your website has been affected due to certain keywords. If all these observation shows that you have been hit watch your backlinks and get full SEO report. (more…)

The fourth penguin 2.0 update hit various sites

penguinThe online industry gets shaken on the news of the penguins and panda update. This time Matt Cutts warned that the penguin update will be severe as the first update. Moreover, it has warned that the irrelevant search result will be omitted from the result pages of the search engines. So, the much awaited penguin 2.0 update was done on the night of 22nd may night of this week. Let us find out the effect of this update and areas on which Google took severe action.

There are many sites that go hit by the latest penguin update as there has been decrease in their visibilities. According to the searchmetrics, a seo which analyzed the impact of the update on the different companies found that 25 companies have been hit and experiencing low search visibility. The different game sites like, Salvation Army, education testing service, Cheapoair, porn sites and many more in the list. The visibility of these companies is lower but it does not mean that they will not get traffic in their sites, as they have the keywords which have not been tracked down. (more…)