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Basic Understanding of Google My Business : Verification and Publishing Process

google-my-businessTo ensure digital marketing success by leveraging a location-based strategy, most of the seasoned SEO professionals often start with creating a Google My Business listing.

Google My Business (GMB)- a free tool from Google that assists business owners to deal with their online presence across the search engine and its portfolio of Utilities- offers the most significant impact for brands seeking local exposure.

Features such as Google’s Local Search results, which break out with a list of adjacent businesses and much of the relevant information needed to find a specific business and potentially buy something, additionally emphasise the need for a GMB listing for new and established businesses.

Google’s Knowledge Graph also uses verified GMB information to help generate details for its database about businesses and alike entities relevant to specific searches. (more…)

Google’s use of RankBrain is going to affect “plenty” of searchers and SEOs

Google-RankBrain-UK-SEOGoogle is utilizing RankBrain, a machine learning system, to process all search queries done on its search engine.  And it seems, the RankBrain is influencing the ranking of many queries in the search result.

The news appeared in the Steven Levy’s Backchannel, titled, “story about machine learning efforts at Google”. Here is the full story of the RankBrain:

“Google is characteristically fuzzy on exactly how it improves search (something to do with the long tail? Better interpretation of ambiguous requests?) but Dean says that RankBrain is “involved in every query,” and affects the actual rankings “probably not in every query but in a lot of queries.” (more…)

Google Rolled Out Green Ad Label in Search Result

google-green-ad-button-1920Google is rolling out green ad label globally. Since April, Google users have been observing green ad label instead of yellow one in the search result.

Last week, Google confirmed that green ad label is no longer a test but rolling out for all users across the globe.

Here is what Google stated:

“We regularly test ways to improve the look and feel of our search results page. We’ve been experimenting with a green search ad label and have decided to roll it out based on positive feedback from users and advertisers. Our goal is to make our results page easy to use, and our labeling clear and prominent,” a Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land”. (more…)

Does Google Use Keyword Rich TLD for Ranking?

RB-Keyword-DomainsDo the keywords of top level domain get ranking boost from Google? The top level domain contains keywords like. Live, .News, .Attorney and so on. This question started making around in the SEO industry soon after a sponsored controversial post in Search Engine land.

Clearing the air, John Mueller confirmed that Google doesn’t count on keywords rich TLD URL for ranking, in a hangout to Search Engine Land. In fact, Google totally ignore the domain names while ranking the keywords in the search result. (more…)

Google Revealed 20% Mobile Queries Are Voice Searches

voice_search_photo_credit_nytSundar Pichai, CEO of Google, announced during his Google I/O keynote that 20 percent of queries on mobile app and on Android devices are being performed through voice searches. He stated about this while introducing a Google’s new Amazon Echo competitor, Google Home on 18th of this month.

But, this 20% figure is much lower than one stated by Eric Schmidt, Google Executive Chairman, in September 2010. This is because he stated that 25% of Android searches in the US are done through voice searches. But, regardless of the precise number, it is visible that voice searches are steadily growing over the years in the internet. (more…)

Google Warns Owner Over Non-Mobile Friendly Site

google_254916634-thumb-380xauto-3561Google has released its mobile algorithm mobilegeddon last year. This is an important update owing to ever-increasing mobile users globally. Google has encouraged webmaster to optimize website and make ready for smaller screen devices. Optimizing for mobile help users to get good using experience.

Google has given guidelines, check mobile optimization, and even tips to make sites mobile friendly. In a bid to alert owners and optimize website for mobile, Google has started issuing a warning to its owner.

Interestingly, warning is issued only to site’s owner in search result after logged in through vanity name. Earlier, the alert was send to owner in the Google search console.  (more…)