Topic: Press Release

Benefits of quality press release for your website

Press Release (PR), in the context of online marketing, is used to create awareness about a brand in different media. Additionally, it also aims to get backlinks for the website in question. Practically, it was considered more important than article marketing to build quality links to website. Along with the links, a website gets more traffic and potential customers with the help of quality press release. But now conception about press release has changed and people no more consider it important for companies.

Is press release dead and lost its value? Many people in online industry think that press release is old and outdated methods. Even Matt Cutts, head of Google web spam, has announced in December 26th that it won’t help in search ranking. This announcement may be due to the over exploitation of PR by some companies. People are submitting duplicate contents in various sites to get links creating spammy contents. This is decreasing the value of quality search result. But quality press release still has the same value and importance if done in proper manners for audience.

Let us see some of the benefits which are offered by PR to company. (more…)