Topic: Reputation Management

10 Commandments to Maintain Your Online Reputation

What-is-Your-Online-ReputationCompanies think reputation management is only for social media monitoring and maintain a good public relation. Surprisingly, they don’t have idea how it can affect their sales and business in online media. The customers’ behavior has changed drastically over the years from passive to active one. The customer expresses views about companies in social media through commenting, reviews, and feedback of purchased products or services. Now, a company no longer can ignore such expressions of people instead need strategies to tackle for positive result in business.

Marketing experts are advising companies to be more transparent and open up to accept criticism and feedback from customer. In fact, it has become a new mode of communication with customers to maintain a steady relationship. Asking feedback and reviews about the products after launching in the market helps to measure a company’s success. But being transparent is risky but not heeding to customers concern can be riskier for a business. Apart from it, a company needs to react to criticism on time and politely to avoid the loss in long run. (more…)