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3 Most Common SEO Errors Bloggers and Content Marketers Make

seoOver the last two decades, the landscape of digital marketing has evolved significantly. Amid the changing Google’s algorithm and a flood of misinformation floating through the digital marketing spheres, it’s easy to lose sight of basic practices we should adhere to in our own SEO and content marketing strategies.

Your content may be great, but sometimes it doesn’t serve the purpose right. Why? Here in this blog, we are going to discuss some common SEO errors content marketers and bloggers make.

Poor Page Copy
In digital marketing, it’s essential to write for readers rather than search engines. You needn’t show off knowledge with excessive jargon. Keep the content light and write for the readers on the eighth-grade reading level. (more…)

6 Reasons Why Your Online Business Need SEO Services

seo3Joining in the digital marketing is no more optional but compulsory for the businesses depending upon online traffic for their survival. The brick and mortar marketing no longer works after the emergence of internet marketing across the globe.

For an online business, there are two options to promote the products to the potential customers with organic promotion and paid advertisement. Though paid advertisements have the potential to bring traffic and sales, but does that only as long as there is an investment. (more…)

How Competitive Analysis Helps Building Successful SEO Strategy?

competitor-analysisCreating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies without research on competition leads to failure. Knowing about competition of competitors help to plan informed strategies to achieve your SEO goals. With refined strategies and continuous efforts, you will inch toward success quickly.

The main aim of competitive analysis is to find competitors and their top strategies. Content types, tactics driving result, sharing of content, keywords used, link structures, and so on can be found out. All these insights can be used in your strategies to beat competitors in website ranking. Behind a successful seo strategy numerous competitive analysis involved, and it worthy. (more…)

Top Strategies to Get SEO Benefits Quickly

seoSEO service requires at least six months to show its effect on online business. As a SEO service provider, you might have got clients asking for quicker result. You struggle to make clients understand that it takes time for campaign to gather momentum and show impact on business. Sadly, many clients leave the campaign in midst after two or three months, they shouldn’t actually. Reason is not seeing value from SEO and fearing cost buildup over benefits.

SEO specialists keep on searching new techniques to deliver benefits in midst of SEO campaign and beat the waiting game. Here are few SEO tactics that increases your expertise arsenal and deliver benefits to win heart of clients. (more…)

Moz Releases Ranking Factors of Website in Search Result

image231Every two years, Moz interview search experts to study their views and find correlations in order to understand on the working of search algorithm for ranking websites. Moz has released search ranking factors of 2015 after extensive study with other partners. This year, Moz has interviewed over 150 search marketing experts to know their opinions on over 90 ranking factors of google search engine. Experts’ opinions have been correlated by data scientists of the company to find out the top factors that tends to delivers high end ranking to websites in search result. To study the influence of ranking by the features of websites and WebPages, Moz has partnered with SimilarWeb, DomainTools, and Ahrefs to get the insights. This is why the study is getting more preference from SEO world. (more…)