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8 Top Practises to Promote Your Small Business on Social Media

social-mediaIt is hard to accept that there was a time when social media was not a part of developing small businesses. In spite of the struggles faced by businessmen in using the social media to promote their products and engage their audiences, they are learning and gaining confidence in practising their social media skills. In 2012, about 54 per cent of the small businesses showed their lack of knowledge and asked for help in using the social media after participating in the survey administered by Constant Contact. Currently, that percentage has dropped to 45. This has shown the success, with 72 per cent of businesses saying that their online marketing skills and efforts across the mediums that matter a lot, including mobile, web, social, email are working.

Internet savvy people know that the exciting and valuable contents engage their audience. The online community discourages self-promotions which means using social media as a free advertising platform. Due to this, small businesses face a challenge in striking a balance in using social media to promote their business and engage their audience.    (more…)

7 Amazing Ways To Boost Your Conversion Rate Through Social Media

social-mediaSocial media is currently the vital platform for ever-increasing growth of users. As per the statistical report, the number of users engaging in this platform will be around 2.7 billion by the end of 2017 with the projected growth rate of 7 percent annually.

Considering this rapid increase, the social media marketing community is set to grab the opportunity and get all possible benefits. However, when one talks about targeting the social media, it acts like the feast in motion due to its non-static nature. The nature of social media engagement of people appears to be unsteady as they come and go quickly, even change their interests on the daily basis.

Therefore, if you are willing to invest in any of the social media marketing campaigns, mainly you need to have the insight of the playing field.  (more…)

Search Brings 10X More Traffic Than Social Media

search - CopySearch brings 10x more traffic to shopping sites than social media, according to Similar Web’s Global Search Marketing report 2016. Finding is credible as it is based on billions of site visits to a global sample of website but accounted only for desktop traffic.

Report also contain several metrics on paid search. In the search, traffic has been broken down from a broader range of sources. From traffic of paid search to display advertising in numerous shopping related sites. Study has found out that paid search generate more than traffic than display ads with an exception in general merchandise category. (more…)

8 Facebook Insights to Build Successful Marketing Strategies

facebook-content-marketing-strategy-guide-billboardLooking to success in social marketing? Facebook is an ideal platform for business. You must think why Facebook and not hundreds of other social networks. It is the largest social networking site with over 1.59 billion active users per month. It’s over 20% of global population and receives largest amount of referral traffic.

To have an ideal marketing strategy, you need to research competition, audiences and platform. User’s virtual persona helps to include best practices analyzing better. You know, best strategies always win and other fail to make an impact. (more…)

6 Easy Ways to Measure Success of Social Marketing

socialmediaSocial media is widely used to get huge marketing interactions. Social media connection can be leveraged to create and maintain a special relationship with potential customers. But, it is essential to measure social media marketing success to know where campaigns are heading. Apart from that, campaigns bring lots of essential data about consumers from social media. Data helps businesses to sharpen existing campaigns to create more engagements to achieve success in social media marketing.

Here are 6 easy ways to measure social media marketing:

1. Monitor Campaign Visits
Campaign visits are the number of times visitors land on your social profiles. It is essential to monitor the number of time leads land on the social profiles. Social profile should contain like and share button of all prominent social networking sites to take action. There should like page for Facebook, tweet it on Twitter and share it on LinkedIn profile. Apart from that, it is essential to monitor how many times a user loading and sharing each piece of content from your profile. (more…)

How To Track Social Media Marketing Activities?

social-media-monitoringSocial media marketing has become an important activity for increasing referral traffic and sale of products for businesses. The social media marketing needs to be monitored properly to see campaigns result besides creating special strategies for success. Tracking social campaigns help to attract quality followers, communicate effectively and share contents that resonate with audience. So, tracking can’t be ignored by the companies if wanting to succeed in social media marketing immediately.

In this blog, I will share 7 important ways of tracking metrics and improve social media marketing campaigns. (more…)