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How to Increase Engagement with Mobile Users?

mobile-userWith the continued growth of mobile search economy, Kristopher Jones has given an insight into the marketing strategies and the messaging tools which can improve your mobile conversion rate.

It has been observed that users of mobile are more of surfers and less of buyers. The study from Monetate shows that mobile conversion rate is less than half of desktop conversion rate.

Also, there’s an opportunity for e-commerce websites to increase their online sales through mobile but there are restrictions as well. The convenience is less in mobile in comparison to the desktop. The consumption in mobile is majorly on apps rather than on a website.

The mobile first index is about to arrive, and the popularity of voice search is also increasing by the day, this is the ideal time to re-optimise the mobile search strategy to improve the bottom line. Here, we will discuss the strategies to enhance the mobile conversion rate. (more…)