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10 Killer Tips to Improve User Experience in Website

looking-at-website-qualityWebsite has become an important and powerful tool for businesses in rapidly changing marketing landscape. It is a powerful asset for businesses and act as salesman to showcase marketing efforts to potential customers day and night.

But, rapidly changing technology makes website outdated and incompatible. It is a challenge face by businesses in maintaining website according to evolution in industry. Though, redesign of website is an ideal solution to this problem but it is highly expensive. If you don’t have money and wish to maintain website, here are 10 simple tips that would be useful in maintaining users experience in website. (more…)

5 Important Tips to Personalize Website Design for Every Customer

5-steps-designing-website-serve-customer-individuallyEvery customer wishes to get desired information or products from the visiting website. This is why more than 40% of the customers prefer to shop from website providing personalized experience, according to a new survey. It has also found that 74% of the customers get frustrated for not getting the right or searched information in the website. Hence, showing a personalize experience to visitor is an advantage and helps companies in getting more conversion.

To know and create a virtual persona, characteristics like hobbies, marketing transaction, user behaviors, preference, and channel used by visitors are gathered by companies and stored in system. Large companies are trying to acquire the data after spending millions of money to get better insights about the customer which would be helpful for future conversion. Numerous tools have come up in the market to gather the desired information about the customers.

Let us see how personalizing a website design can lead to more conversion for companies. (more…)

FlatUI – Everything you should know about Flat User Interface



I need to get our website redesigned. But I have a question – What is the latest trend in website design?  We want the latest but we need something creative, something cleaner, but appealing. You know what I mean? Can you help us on this? 

It was how the conversation started. A customer calls up from Bangalore this morning and comes up with a this series of questions.

The latest trend in website design is – FlatUI. It focuses more on user-experience, faster page load time, and of course – conversions – I replied.

It sounds great. Perhaps its exactly what we want. And he continues…

Finally, we hang up discussing the further steps.

This is where I got the idea for this blog post.

FlatUI designs are becoming very much popular these days since the time Windows 8 Start Menu styles started luring the designers all over the world. But ironically, it is still not that popular in India. May be there is less awareness here.

Let’s now understand what it is… ? (more…)

How to make your ecommerce website seo friendly?

The ecommerce website requires higher ranking in the search engines to get more traffic. But getting higher ranking in the search engine is not easy, especially when people strive for the same thing. This is because all the ecommerce want to rank higher than the other to get more traffic in the website. In order to success in this endeavor, the website owner should adopt certain solution to make their website successful. The ecommerce website should be friendly in the search engines to get higher ranking. In this blog I will discuss with you, points useful in making the website seo friendly.

The making of the website seo friendly is required to have higher ranking in the search engines to get more traffic. This is why it is important for every ecommerce website to follow these important points while optimizing it, along with getting the benefits of Orderwave software.

Choose Brand Domain Name-Choose a unique brand name so that the customer can easily remember and search in the internet. Do not select the exact keyword in the domain name as it is not viable anymore in the search engine. The domain name determines the ranking of the website in the search engines. (more…)

Benefits of getting sticky website for your business

websiteThe trends in the online marketing are changing in the global market. There was a time when only the website was able to bring the potential customer in the site. Nowadays, the website has to be changed according to the preference of the customers besides having quality content. The site has to be sticky and alluring for the customer so that they come into your website repeatedly. So, what is the benefit of making a sticky website? In this blog I would tell you the benefits of getting an alluring website for the business.

The online business totally depends on the website and its effectiveness in attracting customers from different websites. The appearance of the website is extremely important for getting more traffic in the site. Here is a list of the benefit which gets by the owner of having an attractive website.

More time on site– The number of visitors visiting the site will increased in the website which will increase your profit. The website helps to inform the customer about the new products, sales promotion and seasonal offer of the products. This helps to get loyal followers and customer who bring their friends in your website. (more…)

Killer tips to convince your clients!

Are you wondering how to make the first impression of your website to your clients? If you are serious about it, your visit here would most probably solve your problems! In this blog I would like to simply discuss about role of logo in helping out you in convincing your clients. So go on reading the tips being shared as follows:

1. Be Tactful: You must be careful as well as tactful as you should not underestimate the consideration made by clients. Don’t do anything except listening him carefully and make sure the ideas presented by client do not get subdued. Instead of arguing with your clients rather keep saying ‘yes’. In nutshell, you have to be a little diplomatic. For instance, you can say that your design would serve more purposefully bringing benefits to clients agreeing if they insist on suggesting you for their ideas. (more…)