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How to End Accumulating IP Address in WordPress Comments?

Privacy of the users need to be respected and protected by any mean. In order to protect their privacies, that’s why some users love to comment anonymously in the website. Further, commenting in the website brings IP address of the users and making it vulnerable for abuse. To avoid that, stopping to store IP address in the WordPress comments is a good idea to protect user privacy. If you want to learn how to stop storing IP addresses of users, this blog will be useful for you to do that easily.


Pros and Cons of Not Storing IP Address in WordPress Comments
WordPress logs and stores IP addresses of users commenting in the website, by default. In fact, these IP addresses are stored in the database permanently. (more…)

Special Tips To Secure The WordPress Blog

Electronic media is not all safe from the prying eyes of the internet. The e-marketing companies require special security system to protect the transaction and customers documents. But many times the hackers could penetrate due to the using of less secure or old devices for protection. WordPress is used for blog is more secure than other but faced a mass attack on last April. After this attack, people starting talking about the security of the WordPress and other platforms. Acquiring a safe transaction is the prime concern for the companies. It is impossible to fully prevent attack in the site but using advanced device and tools is step forward in acquiring this. So, let us find out some of the steps of securing our WordPress blog from the malicious hackers.

SSH with public key Authentication
Secure Shell (SSH) protocol imparts a safe tunnel for the remote web server management which is useful to protect the account from session hijacking. But sometime the account can be compromised with the brute-forces due to poor password management. To get more security people are using the SSH having public key authentication and passphrase. RSA encryption should be used to make the password strong to resist attacks. (more…)

7 excellent tips to improve the speed of the WordPress website

imagesPeople are becoming busier with tight schedules and loads of work in the office. So, everybody prefers to perform their work faster and in a convenient way. Internet is helping in getting a better life due to its role in getting fast and correct information. So, the website presenting information should load faster and provide correct contents to the visitors. Today, speed of the website is directly connected to conversions; usability, SEO, likeability, and time spend by the visitors. Companies are using the WordPress to manage their content in the web. As success of the company depends upon the speed, so let us find out the ways in which the website can improved the speed.

1. Update the WordPress
WordPress users should keep updating the latest installation found in the internet. One should follow the best practices during the installation. Updating the installation, themes, and plugins will improve the speed, functionality, and better performance of the website. (more…)

5 essential ways of increasing WordPress website security

First of all let me tell you, what is wordpress? It is an open and free tool which helps in the blogging and managing the content of the website. It is the most popularly used blogging source being used by 60 millions websites in the world. But the website using wordpress faces the problems of regular hacking in the site. This can be frustrating for the website owner after finding the site hacked. In this blog, I will discuss the reasons of being hacked and the preventive measures to avoid this.

The hacker hack your site when they get a chance to get into the website by the different links which are attached like comments, emails etc. Here are some of the steps which can be helpful in preventing your site of being hacked.

Have Each Comment Manually Approved
The customer visiting your site writes comments which are good for your website. It should be manually approved as it brings spam if it’s done automatically. You can install plug-in to monitor the new comments of the website. Moreover, you will get many suspicious links which can lead to hacking if you click on this links. (more…)