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Best ways to build your website links faster?

How does it feel when you find your competitor outplaying you when it comes to building website links? Well, it can be an issue because fast is what considered highly by employers and to have edge at it you must be faster enough to impress and make your presence felt. Friends, do you really want to have that upper edge? If yes, then of course you would have to know certain tactics that would make you faster!

Below are the tips or ways that I’m sharing, would definitely make you faster when you simply follow up those tips.

a)      Widget marketing is a best way. These are mini applications of internet which can be used for promoting link to some other site. You can also easily integrate those mini applications into your web pages with the simple addition of few lines of HTML. Once you do that they would spread very fast just like wild fire and you would be pleasantly surprised to see your link adding to thousands of websites within a few months. Most of the people are not still aware about it because it is the newly formed viral marketing. Although if you don’t have any idea how to perform you can still make it using DIY widget. (more…)