Excellent Ways to Drive Phone Conversions with Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

google-driveEarlier, we used phones for everything! We used to call shops to inquire about a store and buy products from a catalogue over the call to have them shipped to our places.

Enter the digital world! With the widespread access to the internet, we became consumed with the idea of connecting with our audiences digitally. We believed this was the way of the future and the technique in which people wanted to connect. We forgot the phones, though calls still came in.

We are now noticing that phone calls are some of the best leads around! In this blog, I will try to share several insights I received from a session called, “Concerting the Mobile SEM Visitor.”

Let us start with why businesses should focus on the phone.

Why Is It Overlooked Money in the Back?
Online advertising encourages online sales and leads to phone class and offline store visits that result in sales. In plain words, digital advertisements often contribute to phone calls in ways that are not readily measured, and therefore not adequately attributed.

For instance, let us say that for every online sale the ad triggers, there are two sales occur by calls. This means your digital marketing team overlooks around 65 percent of your online-inspired sales.

In our experience, we have seen that clients keep hiring more staff for their call centres with the growth of their paid search marketing campaigns. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) success may not be the only reasons leading to an increase in staff, but it does contribute.

Can Phone Calls Convert Better Than Online Leads?
The engagement that happens via phone call is bottom of the funnel. When customers call a store, they are super interested in your services or products. They have left behind the consideration phase and have shown a specific interest in your brand.

Connect Via Call Is Easier for Prospects
Don’t forget; a phone call is always the most comfortable and efficient method to drive connection or contact.

With a landing page, prospects are required to fill a form and wait for a salesperson to call back. With mobile phones, it is tougher to type on a small screen and give requested information. And God help your business if you have a form with a lot of non-optional fields.

Optimizing for Phone Calls
How can we get most from our phone calls? Let us find out!

Think Direct to Phone
Try to bypass the landing page and go right for the call. An example of this is to add phone numbers directly in ad copy.

A new but right way to do so is to add phone numbers in the headline with the ad text with call-only campaigns. Other alternatives are click-to-call, local extensions, and call extensions.

Optimize the Customer Call Experience
Making small changes to the customer call experience may lead to significant improvements. Even simple changes can be miraculous in terms of your bottom line. For instance, we have noticed remarkable improvements in the bottom line by reducing hold times for 120 to 60 seconds.

Schedule Your Ads
Schedule your ads when staff is in the office to answer the call. This is often overlooked- and so, the phone rings and rings, with no one to take the call. Ensure that you are driving calls when folks are there at the workplace to answer calls.

Best of luck!

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