What are the top 9 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018?

trend2018The time has come when we evaluate our marketing activities from the last year. How productive and profitable we would be if we realised our aims. It is also the time when we need to finalise and execute our plans for growth and revenue generation.

Have you succeeded in all your goals for the previous year? Are you aware of your priorities for the next year? Are you aware of the marketing strategies that are making the most significant impact and getting the highest return on investment?

When we choose our marketing policies and activities for the next year, it is always a good analyse the digital marketing trends to check that we are not missing out on any good opportunity.

Do not fail to hit these top nine online marketing trends for 2018 in your business for maximum growth and sale.

Big Data Technology
Big data assists in transforming the business interactions with its customers. The amount of data available can be very high in amount but if you try to comprehend how to accumulate and evaluate Big Data, you will understand more about your prospects, clients and customers, this will ultimately enhance your marketing skills and improve your efforts.

All thanks to the Big Data techniques and technologies, the massive amount of input collected from online purchases, social media, mobile app downloads, etc. marketers can predict about customer behaviour patterns, that permits for more customised content.

With the assistance of big data, marketers can be more audience targeted, this way they will be able to save money on advertising to people who are not interested in buying your products or services. For example, with proximity marketing, you can easily track your potential clients via their cell phones and promote your products and services by pushing ads and offers to them based on their location and interests.

Personalised  Strategies
The personalisation of content has been the most common and widespread practice in marketing techniques in 2017, and there are no signs of its downfall. In 2018, offering a personalised online experience will become very important as users and consumers will demand more quality from brands.

The personalisation of content offers excellent customer experiences based on their choice, interests, preferences and behaviours. It is, in fact, better and more effective than usual marketing strategies and has proven to be best regarding click-through-rates, open rates and conversions, etc. Personalisation can be a simple customised landing page for different campaigns, or it can be a personalised website experience.

Personalisation strategies need to be implemented from 2018 and if you are already using it, delve deeper into it.

With rising number of people making the effective decisions than ever before, in 2018 we anticipate getting a tremendous rise in micro-moments. Customers look for all advice and information on their mobile phones; their expectations will increase so you not only need an approach to understand micro-moments, but also a marketing strategy assures that your brand appears on their devices whenever your potential customers are looking any information or advice.

Mobile growth
The growth of mobile devices is increasingly becoming popular on marketers’ radars these days. A mobile first approach has become an important feature in 2018 for several reasons, including:

  • Google’s announcement on launching a mobile-first algorithm
  • micro-moments driven by mobile, mobile-first websites will be vital in providing instant information to consumers upon immediate request
  • increased voice searches

Optimised voice searches
Voice search has accounted for nearly 20% of all searches; it is expected to grow and expand more in 2018. New voice search devices and technology make it easier for users to ask a question and get answers from their devices. This permits for simpler ways to interact with machines using a conversational voice.

With this thing in mind, optimisation for voice searches is a little different as compared to traditional search.

Video-based advertising
The demand for videos is growing at an astounding rate. In 2017, around 90% of the content shared by users was video. With users preferring to watch videos on a wider range of devices, it has become very crucial for brands to learn how to leverage video-based advertising to get the attention of their target audience.

In 2018 video advertising will be declared very effective for brands or businesses looking to market their services and products.

Chatbots are the best examples of marketing automation, which will become more popular IN 2018. Chatbots can provide information in real time and are customised to support customer services.

 Many businesses have been utilising simple ordering processes through chatbots, but in 2018 we can expect chatbots move into more industries with more complex transactions. This type of response is becoming a consumer expectation, so it might be good to think about how to use the chatbox.

Content marketing
Content marketing is a trend that will not get outdated. But user-centric and personalised matter matters the most. In the coming year, we must concentrate on creating effective and useful content that people find interesting to read.

Implementation of an SSL certificate on your website is crucial. Not only it will make your site secure, but it will also improve your rankings in the search engines. In a recent update, Google has said that it will mark sites ‘not secure’ if there is no HTTPS.

The digital marketing industry gets frequent changes with evolution of techniques and strategies for companies. You need to follow these trends and technical improvements closely to reap maximum profits for your business.

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