Terms and conditions
Splashsys Reseller Agreement

"Agreement Between Service Provider ( Splashsys Webtech, We ) and White Label SEO Reseller ( I & You )"

SEO Reseller Agreement is a set of easy terms which states the duties of Splashsys Webtech and SEO reseller partner. This agreement does not bind you (SEO Reseller Partner) in any kind of decision making, legal, financial or confidential restrictions.

Agreement Parties: Splashsys Webtech: We
SEO Reseller Partner: I, You
Client: End client of Reseller Partner to whom the services are sold. Agreement Overview:

(1) SEO Reseller Partnership is not limited to any number of clients. Hence, the reseller can manage one or end number of clients.

(2) SEO Reseller Partner (I) understands that by signing up partnership NDA, (I) do not become direct employee, business partner or legal vendor with tax liabilities of Splashsys Webtech, Hence (I) am free for my decisions on continuing partnership with Splashsys Webtech till any duration and can be partner with any number of other providers.

(3) SEO Reseller (partner) is an independent business partner who is selling Splashsys Webtech Services in his own brand name.

(4) SEO Reseller (partner) agrees to follow ethical process by dealing with their end clients and sell the Splashsys Webtech services with transparency and in ethical way.

(5) Splashsys Webtech will not be responsible for any misleading offers, tax deductions, penalties or extra commitments/offers provided by him ( SEO Reseller Partner) apart from as stated in Packages/Proposal sent by (Splashsys Webtech) or from site.

(6) Splashsys Webtech does not follow privacy policy and reseller NDA which means (we) will never ever approach any of your customers, clients in any case, nor will Splashsys Webtech show them in the portfolio or share with another resellers unless SEO Reseller Partner asks us.

(7) Splashsys Webtech follows Google webmaster guidelines for Seo and always performs ethical SEO practices.

(8) SEO Reseller Partner (I) agree to the Guaranteed SEO policy and understand the conditions in which guarantee is void.

(9) SEO Reseller Partner (I) agree to the payment terms, delivery, reporting & billing system of Splashsys Webtech.

(10) (I) understand that if the payment is not made for any account within 5 days after billing date then the campaign will be paused and guarantee would be void.

(11) (I) Agree that this agreement is signed between Splashsys Webtech & SEO Reseller Partner (I) as Splashsys Webtech will be directly answerable to all queries of SEO Reseller Partner (I) know third party will be entertained on any concern.

12) (I) SEO Reseller Partner agrees to the terms and condition and SEO Reseller Code of Ethics.

(13) (I) SEO Reseller Partner agrees that company (Splashsys Webtech) updates its guarantee policy and packages on time to time. So (I) will get myself up-to-dated by latest upcoming from the site.

(14) SEO Reseller Partner (I) & Splashsys Webtech can terminate the Agreement at any stage if they do not find any of the party not complying by the SEO Reseller Code of Ethics.

(15) Splashsys Webtech (We) will provide answers to queries by end clients.

(16) We understand and look forward to a long term and fruitful business relationship.

(17) I understand that I will not use Splashsys Webtech content on my site unless prior written permission.

I am Agree to the Terms and Condition including SEO Reseller Code of Ethics and SEO Guarantees.

I accept terms and conditions
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