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Reseller Program

What is a reseller program and how does it work?

It relates to re-selling. For instance, when you partner with us as a reseller, you sell a service in the question to your clients, and here in the back end we do all the actual work. You take payments from your clients, give us our fixed price, and keep the remaining as your profits.

Moreover, we offer you a completely white label branding. It means you are the brand for your customers, and we take all the responsibilities for meeting their expectations. You do not need to hire employees, nor do you need to bear hefty administration costs. We do it all for a fixed monthly fee for you.

What all can you sell ?

There is no confinement, you can market and sell everything that we offer. Some of the primary services are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO Reseller Program)
  • Website design and development (Web Design Reseller)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) (PPC Reseller)
Key features of our reseller program
  • 100% Private and White Label
  • Up-price packages / Bill your clients yourself
  • No management cost, No administration cost
  • Full privacy. Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Customized Reseller Kit
  • Customized service packages
  • Support on client communication, reporting, and maintenance
  • Free One Hour Consultation
  • Dedicated Support through phone/chat/email

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What do you need to get started?

All you need to is to submit an application for the reseller program. You can do it simply by filling up the application form.

Joining our Program is completely free. Though, if you do not have an online presence of your business already, you can opt for our Reseller Kit.

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Once we receive your application, we will need at least 48 hours to review it. Please bear with the same.

Customers' Testimonials: We couldn't have said it any better

We always work to get similar reactions from all our customers.

"It was easy to start reselling and so is it to run my own SEO business side by side. Splashsys has always been there. My clients are happy and so am I. Yes, it is being profitable as SEO Reseller."

- Rajeev Patel - Auckland, New Zealand

"I own a tax consultancy firm, but I always looked for a way to earn from recommendations for services like website design and search engine optimization I get from my friends and clients. A reseller program was the answer to me, and from these guys - it has proved a great choice. Cheers”

- Evan Duggers - USA

Please note that the actual names of the individual/company have been changed for privacy reasons.

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