7 Amazing Ways To Boost Your Conversion Rate Through Social Media

social-mediaSocial media is currently the vital platform for ever-increasing growth of users. As per the statistical report, the number of users engaging in this platform will be around 2.7 billion by the end of 2017 with the projected growth rate of 7 percent annually.

Considering this rapid increase, the social media marketing community is set to grab the opportunity and get all possible benefits. However, when one talks about targeting the social media, it acts like the feast in motion due to its non-static nature. The nature of social media engagement of people appears to be unsteady as they come and go quickly, even change their interests on the daily basis.

Therefore, if you are willing to invest in any of the social media marketing campaigns, mainly you need to have the insight of the playing field.  (more…)

Top Five Benefits of Guest Blogging

guest-bloggingGuest blogging is one of the finest online marketing strategies you may think of investing in. If you are planning to spread your brand’s message and winning the trust of your target audience matters for you, start sharing content to other blogs related to your market or niche.

Aren’t you convinced about writing content for someone else’s site?

If yes, then you must know that guest blogging offers significant benefits- both for you and your company. Here are the top 5 benefits of guest blogging.

Expand Your Network
Gone are the days when connecting with influencers was extremely tough. But, with guest blogging, the process has become simple now. (more…)

Basic Understanding of Google My Business : Verification and Publishing Process

google-my-businessTo ensure digital marketing success by leveraging a location-based strategy, most of the seasoned SEO professionals often start with creating a Google My Business listing.

Google My Business (GMB)- a free tool from Google that assists business owners to deal with their online presence across the search engine and its portfolio of Utilities- offers the most significant impact for brands seeking local exposure.

Features such as Google’s Local Search results, which break out with a list of adjacent businesses and much of the relevant information needed to find a specific business and potentially buy something, additionally emphasise the need for a GMB listing for new and established businesses.

Google’s Knowledge Graph also uses verified GMB information to help generate details for its database about businesses and alike entities relevant to specific searches. (more…)

How to Find If A Website is Low-Quality in Google’s Eyes?

seo-tipsBeing SEO experts, we talk length about how to create the finest websites, produce the best content, and provide the best value. Though these are all important points to remember, it is also important for us to be able to identify and recognise signs that Google is looking for.

Google quality updates seemingly occur monthly, and since the Fred event of March 2017, the issues related to website quality have begun to take centre stage.

Section 7 of Google’s Search Quality Guidelines advises the rating team on how to identify the lowest quality pages and emphatically reinforces the underlying goal that the content and websites that Google serves are created to be helpful for users. (more…)

The Biggest Trends and Significant Changes in Pay-Per-Click in 2017

ppcAccording to the IAB, mobile drove around $6 billion year-over-year increase in search spend and surpassed desktop for the first time in 2016. Let’s look at the significant trends, launches and news so far from Google AdWords and Bing Ads in 2017.

Conversion tracking and attributions

  • The first half of 2017 witnessed the final sunset of AdWords Converted Clicks and the onset of Google Attribution, a grand product release announced at Google Marketing Next.
  • Google added Maximize Conversions to its suite of automated bidding strategies. Meaning, if you often import offline conversions into AdWords, you can schedule those imports now.
  • There was big news in online-to-offline conversion tracking with Google’s in-store sales measurement programs. Retailers can upload their loyalty cards or customer email lists into AdWords, or in-store sales conversions will show up automatically in AdWords with a program powered by partnerships Google forms with different financial vendors that gives coverage of 70% of credit card transactions in the US.
  • Now, Google can track and report on store visits from Youtube campaigns.


3 Most Common SEO Errors Bloggers and Content Marketers Make

seoOver the last two decades, the landscape of digital marketing has evolved significantly. Amid the changing Google’s algorithm and a flood of misinformation floating through the digital marketing spheres, it’s easy to lose sight of basic practices we should adhere to in our own SEO and content marketing strategies.

Your content may be great, but sometimes it doesn’t serve the purpose right. Why? Here in this blog, we are going to discuss some common SEO errors content marketers and bloggers make.

Poor Page Copy
In digital marketing, it’s essential to write for readers rather than search engines. You needn’t show off knowledge with excessive jargon. Keep the content light and write for the readers on the eighth-grade reading level. (more…)