Top 5 Ways to Increase Traffic from 0 to 100,000 in 12 months

increase-trafficEvery business eyes to get more visitors to the website. It is because higher traffic means more impressions, signups, purchases, and ultimately more revenue. Capturing traffic from crowded, diverse and evolving search results is becoming difficult.

The best way to attract an audience is through SEO. This case study will help you in increasing web traffic by building an SEO strategy from the ground and growing from zero to 100,000 visitors.

  1. Start Slowly

There are limitations at the time of starting a new site. Outdated low-quality content, low link counts, bad exact-match domain, and lack of names of big brands can take a toll on your website ranking in SERPs. There are ways to develop world-class content which targets specific SERPs. Separate your content from your competitors by making:

  • Brief, clear, and eye-catching copy.
  • Using original photographs.
  • Custom-built graphics.
  • Optimum formatting.

We can make our pages successful on SERPs by serving right content to our searchers. (more…)

7 effective SEO strategies which will continue to work in 2017

seo-strategyLike it or not, the SEO techniques are constantly evolving. As an online marketer, you should use new improvised techniques to enhance ranking in the search result. Otherwise, you will be missing the chance of getting the top spot in the SERP. But, there are some methods which we are being used for a long time, but they are not going to fade soon.

A study revealed that there are more than 3.5 billion searches every day on Google. SEO helps in giving the apt visibility to your content. After all, what’s the point of generating exciting content if it is not visible to the world? Here are some SEO trends which were highly effective last year and will keep your content visible this year too.

  1. Social Media will be at the top

The content from social media portals like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will gain ranking on the SERP. 76% marketers already use social media to boost rankings through SEO. Many experts predicted that social media content would be indexed better not just on Google but also on other search engines like Bing and Yahoo, and it’s happening. Use your valuable social media content as it will optimise your page for maximum visibility. Even if you search any brand name on Google, it will show the Facebook and Twitter page first. Content on top social media sites helps crawlers understand the credibility of the website which increases ranking with the apt keyword phrases. (more…)

7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in PPC Advertising in 2017

ppc-google-adwords-iconPay Per Click (PPC) advertising is offered by Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. PPC advertising has evolved rapidly since Google launched AdWords in 2000. Most of the advertisers are using paid ads for the promotion of products and sales. Some advertisers think PPC is an expensive affair and question the effectiveness of this strategy. It is costly in comparison to traditional methods but always returns more than the invested money, if done properly.

If you haven’t started the PPC advertising yet, I think you will now knowing the benefits. Here are the top benefits of PPC advertising:

1. Get Higher Exposure in the Web

Ranking in the top of the search result is easy in paid advertising. You need an optimised ad, landing page, optimisation, and bidding to get the desired position. Acquiring the top position in search engines for selected keywords bring higher exposure and traffic for brands. It helps in positioning the brand name in the mind of potential customers showing ads relevant according to their search terms. (more…)

6 Reasons Why Your Online Business Need SEO Services

seo3Joining in the digital marketing is no more optional but compulsory for the businesses depending upon online traffic for their survival. The brick and mortar marketing no longer works after the emergence of internet marketing across the globe.

For an online business, there are two options to promote the products to the potential customers with organic promotion and paid advertisement. Though paid advertisements have the potential to bring traffic and sales, but does that only as long as there is an investment. (more…)

Google’s use of RankBrain is going to affect “plenty” of searchers and SEOs

Google-RankBrain-UK-SEOGoogle is utilizing RankBrain, a machine learning system, to process all search queries done on its search engine.  And it seems, the RankBrain is influencing the ranking of many queries in the search result.

The news appeared in the Steven Levy’s Backchannel, titled, “story about machine learning efforts at Google”. Here is the full story of the RankBrain:

“Google is characteristically fuzzy on exactly how it improves search (something to do with the long tail? Better interpretation of ambiguous requests?) but Dean says that RankBrain is “involved in every query,” and affects the actual rankings “probably not in every query but in a lot of queries.” (more…)

Google Rolled Out Green Ad Label in Search Result

google-green-ad-button-1920Google is rolling out green ad label globally. Since April, Google users have been observing green ad label instead of yellow one in the search result.

Last week, Google confirmed that green ad label is no longer a test but rolling out for all users across the globe.

Here is what Google stated:

“We regularly test ways to improve the look and feel of our search results page. We’ve been experimenting with a green search ad label and have decided to roll it out based on positive feedback from users and advertisers. Our goal is to make our results page easy to use, and our labeling clear and prominent,” a Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land”. (more…)