7 Steps to Build a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business

content-marketingContent marketing strategy has become an essential part of any online marketing campaign. The research conducted by Content Marketing Institute shows that more than 80% of B2B employees have a content marketing strategy, but only a third of these have documented that very same content marketing strategy.

The process of creating an entirely functional content marketing plan requires time and effort. Brands need to study audience and virtual persona to make the marketing plan to achieve the next level of success.

Let us look at the seven steps needed to develop a content marketing strategy for your business-

  • Determine objectives of content marketing

What is the purpose of content marketing? How will content marketing help your organisation? (more…)

6 Amazing SEO Monitoring and Keyword Tools to Improve Your Rankings in 2018

seoA sudden Google algorithm update often leaves marketers equally confused and concerned. It seems as if they wait for you to get your ducks in a row and then come up with an update that makes your efforts obsolete.

Indeed, they are very open about the fact that they are doing this for everyone’s good- each algorithm brings social marketers one step closer to more relevant search results. But, there are still some secrets behind how Google evaluates a website and conclusively determines which sites to show for which search queries.

That means, there are plenty of tools- some free, some paid- that help you look at your site the way Google sees it.

These tools may prove crucial to your organic search strategy because they enable you to focus on the elements of your website that Google deems vital. In this blog, we will talk about six such tools that assist you in running a site analysis like a marketer and a Google bot! (more…)

Tips to Increase Online Brand's Growth with Improve Ad Results

business-growthA significant number of companies spend a lot of time and money on advertising and marketing their brand.

When you advertised your products on offline mediums like TV and newspaper, there was no guarantee about the results. Now, the digital marketing provides you with the option to track and tweak your ads as many times as required for them to work better. Digital marketing is different from the traditional advertising as it provides the option of real-time tracking. It allows you to monitor and make suitable customisation for improvement instantly. This implies that you don’t need to start everything fresh and you need to make some adjustments.

It can seem like there are numerous benefits of digital marketing as a brand, but you need to be sure that your profit is getting maximised. There are practices and steps to follow and explain how these strategies are integrated fast and efficiently into your digital ad campaigns are listed below- (more…)

Top 3 Ways to Create Successful AdWords Campaigns

adwords2018 has already been an exciting year for AdWords, as Google has made many significant changes. With the help of these new updates, you might find yourself befuddled with the already tough task of designing successful AdWords campaigns.

After examining hundreds of AdWords campaigns at my company, we have come to know that balance is crucial to paid search success. There is not even a metric that will provide you with a long-term return. Each tweak with an AdWords campaign can create a positive or negative ripple effect. Let us evaluate three important metrics to show how you can achieve AdWords nirvana in your business.

Optimizing for Conversions
No matter what you consider a conversion or goal, this is an essential metric for a paid search campaign. The key factor to optimising for conversions is determining an effective Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). The formula is Revenue/Spend= ROAS. The following are some fundamental ways of optimising for conversions: (more…)

How to Increase Engagement with Mobile Users?

mobile-userWith the continued growth of mobile search economy, Kristopher Jones has given an insight into the marketing strategies and the messaging tools which can improve your mobile conversion rate.

It has been observed that users of mobile are more of surfers and less of buyers. The study from Monetate shows that mobile conversion rate is less than half of desktop conversion rate.

Also, there’s an opportunity for e-commerce websites to increase their online sales through mobile but there are restrictions as well. The convenience is less in mobile in comparison to the desktop. The consumption in mobile is majorly on apps rather than on a website.

The mobile first index is about to arrive, and the popularity of voice search is also increasing by the day, this is the ideal time to re-optimise the mobile search strategy to improve the bottom line. Here, we will discuss the strategies to enhance the mobile conversion rate. (more…)

How to Evolve Your SEO Skills to Increase Your Value in an Organisation?

seo-skillsThroughout my career, I have encountered numerous people who have asked me why many of my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) team members are poached by other teams.

The answer remains the same: True SEO experts evolve quickly and continuously develop their skill set. Successful SEO is a bit about what you know and more about what you can get done.

Talented professionals are experts at evolving their skills and adapting to the frequent changes Google makes on a recurring basis. They also understand how an organisation works across the different functions in their organisation.

Every manager is looking for a person that can learn things quickly and already know how to work cross-functionally to reach the target. These are essential characteristics of a rock star on the rise in a company. (more…)